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God at Work in Hard Times (Acts 1:9–14)
Power And Promise - Week 2
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DESCRIPTION: The ten days between Jesus' return to heaven (we call it The Ascension) and the giving of Spirit (known in the church as Pentecost) was a period of time filled with tension, expectation, and prayerful waiting.
During this period of time, Jesus was not physically present with them, nor
did they have His Spirit with them. Why the delay? Why keep them waiting? As we'll learn more about this week, God allowed them to go through a liminal experience - a time of confusion and difficulty - to prepare them for what was ahead. He does the same in us; hard times don't tell us He's far away, they tell us He's at work. That means for those in Christ, there is hope in our hard times.
Because of Christ's ascension:
a. He intercedes for us
b. He distributes blessings
c. He sends the Spirit
LIMINAL experience: a period of confusion or disorientation during a
transition form one state to another
1. God uses hard times to move us from where we ARE to where He WANTS us to be
DIFFICULTY and suffering are not signs that God is far off, they are signs
that God is at work
2. God uses hard times to move us toward greater obedience
There is FREEDOM found in obedience
3. God uses hard times to move us toward greater oneness
a. Oneness with Himself
b. Oneness with one another
4. God uses hard times to move us toward greater openness
In the early church there was opportunity for skeptics and outsiders to
come and change their minds about Jesus
5. Because of Jesus we have hope in hard times
Everything that has been taken from us by sin will be restored to us in

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