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Daniel - Part 9 - Predictable

Daniel - Part 9 - Predictable

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My predictable God is my trustworthy God.
God is on record and wants me to understand.
Ultimate victory is coming.
The math checks out.
Ultimate victory is coming...yet again!

When have you seen that someone or something being NOT predictable made them or it untrustworthy? And from the more positive way of looking at it, when have you seen someone or something be predictable and as a result it naturally made them or it trustworthy?


Read Jeremiah 25:8-12. Then read Daniel 9:4-19. What do you see in the prophecy of Jeremiah 25 that has come true in the life of Daniel and that he prays about in Daniel 9?

What do you think is the importance of this? Why does it matter?

How do you see Daniel referring back to Jeremiah 25 when he prays in this chapter? What do you think this could mean for us when we pray? What are some principles we can learn from and also do when we pray?

Read Daniel 9:21-23. What does this teach us about the power of prayer? When have you seen that the moment you started praying was the moment that God started answering, even if you didn't see it in the moment?

What does it teach us about the character and nature of God that he wants Daniel to understand? What else do you see about the nature of God in this passage? When have you experienced that God wanted you to understand and was patient with you until you began to understand more and better?

Read Daniel 9:26-27. There are two prophesies in these verses - one has been fulfilled and one has yet to be fulfilled. Which is which? How do we know that the first has been fulfilled? What does it mean for the promise of the second one?

How does this build your faith about the things to come? How does it build your faith for the day to day challenges you face that test your faith?

What do you sense the Holy Spirit is telling you to trust your predictable Father with? What would you do differently if you truly trusted him?

What are some promises from Scripture that come to mind for you that - if your predictable Father can be trusted - help you to trust Him in a real-life circumstance or situation you find yourself in?

How does what we have talked about today impact the way that you live your life on mission? How do these truths impact the people in your life that don't yet know and follow Jesus, and how can you tell them the story of your predictable, trustworthy Father?


Pray for what each of you shared in the Start Doing section. Commit to pray for each other through out the week and to hold each other accountable to do what God is telling you to do. Ask God to show you how the Prince of princes has won and is winning each and every day, even when it seems like the enemy is advancing!

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