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Godly Submission
Dan DeRoche | Romans 13:1-7
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What does it mean to submit to governmental leaders? (v. 1a)
We are to disobey government leaders when they directly tell us to violate a command of God or if they command us to do an immoral act against God.
Other Passages: Psalm 75:7, Isaiah 40:23-24, 45:1-7, Daniel 2:21, Proverbs 21:1, & John 19:11
Why are we to be subject to governmental authorities? (vv. 1b-5)
Unfortunately, many Christians fail to see past the current earthly government to see the sovereign, controlling, hand of God.
“Many professing Christians essentially lose their minds when it comes to politics. They fail to see the God who is over the government. Should we engage in the political process? Yes of course. Speak truth to power? Yes, when possible. But freak out or make an idol out of a political party or a system? No way.” - Tony Merida
How do we subject ourselves to governing authorities? (vv. 6-7)
Often times the trust of our hearts, follows the lead of our minds.
6 Practical Ways We Apply Romans 13:1-7
1. Submit to governing authorities knowing they are established by God
2. Pray for all government leaders
3. Be a good citizen
4. Engage in the political process with truth and respect
5. Rest in the truth that God is always in control
6. Remember your ultimate allegiance is to King Jesus

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