StoneBridge Community Church
THANKSGIVING: More Lethal Than Leprosy, (Luke 17:11-19)
Associate Pastor Jonathan Lusche
Locations & Times
  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:15 PM, Sunday 5:20 PM

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The Text in Context

"...the one man was not a Jew at all, but a Samaritan... Once again, we are being prepared for the gospel to be proclaimed and accepted by the Gentiles, while spurned by the Jews. These nine ungrateful recipients of God’s grace are typical of the nation Israel, while this one grateful Gentile is a prototype of..." Click link to read more.

Biblical Leprosy versus Hansen's Disease

Hansen’s disease (also known as leprosy) is an infection caused by... (Click link to read more.) Compare the content of this article with Leviticus 13:1-46.

Who Were The Samaritans?

During the ministry of Jesus there was contact with a group of people known as the Samaritans. The Samaritans were... (Click link to read more.)
1. All ten...
... stood at a distance.
2. All ten...
... were healed through faithful obedience.
3. Only one...
... expressed thanksgiving.

1. Identify a person in your social sphere who could be considered "on the outside," (marginalized). Prayerfully consider ways you can welcome them "in."

2. Identify an area in your life that needs healing. Prayerfully consider how faithful compliance may help bring about personal wellness.

3. As our nation celebrates Thanksgiving this week, think of a specific way you can express your thanksgiving and gratitude, (Send a card, text, email? Call someone? Generously give to a charity? Etc.), then do it!

1. In the time of Jesus, lepers were marginalized and societal outcasts. How does Jesus' willingness to heal them challenge societal norms and expectations? What are some marginalized groups in our culture? In what ways can we apply the compassion demonstrated by Jesus today?

2. In this passage, what role does faithful compliance/obedience play in the healing process? How might this interaction between Jesus and the lepers inform our understanding of the relationship between faithful compliance/obedience and healing in our lives today?

3. Why do you think it was important for the one healed leper to return and express his gratitude to Jesus? How does the act of expressing gratitude impact both the giver and the receiver?

4. How does Luke 17:11-19 challenge us to reflect on our own levels of gratitude in times of blessing and healing?

5. How might cultivating a spirit of thanksgiving contribute to a person's social life? Emotional well being? Worship life? In what ways can the practice of gratitude shape our attitudes about generosity?

The Samaritan Center of Simi Valley supports those in our community who experience housing and food insecurity. StoneBridge will be collecting items for donation from the link below. All donations must be turned in by November 30th. As a part of weekend worship, we encourage you to place your donations in the tent inside the worship center. Cash donations accepted as well, please designate Supply Drive.

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