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Rise and Fall of King David: Why Do Good People Sometimes Do Bad Things? | Nov 5, 2023
"Stay away from the bad apples." It's pretty good advice, right? Except, it's not so easy as that is it? Sometimes it is the seemingly good people who disappoint us the most. Why is this and what can this teach us about life? Join us as we look at King David's darkest days as we continue our series, The Rise and Fall of King David.
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  • Centreville Presbyterian Church
    15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville, VA 20120, USA
    Thursday 9:00 AM, Thursday 10:30 AM
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The Failed Cover Up
2 Samuel 11:8-9
The Important Truth: David was never Actually Alone
A few tips on how to avoid the downward spiral:
1) It never hurts to run with the good crowd…
2) Respect the negative power of isolation
3) The more words it take to justify your actions the more you should probably question your actions.
4) If you ever feel like you are living two lives.. ask why.
5) If in any given moment you wouldn’t be proud to be seen, walk away…
6) Realize. There is no private. You are seen by God today and eventually by others too.
7) Remember, your heart today is affected by yesterday’s decisions.
8) We are all connected… none of this affects only you.
9) Sometimes, the truth is you need the sin. Ask why.
10) Confession beats Continuation.
Never forget. No matter what, God wants you back.