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Finding a New Opportunity: Sharing Your Faith

A. God calls each of us to be His witnesses...
1. God commands us to be witnesses. “…you will be…”
2. God empowers us to be witnesses. “…you will receive power…”
3. God directs us to be witnesses. “…everywhere…”
4. God instructs us how to be witnesses. “…telling people about me…”
The way you store up treasure in heaven is by investing in getting people there.” –Rick Warren
If you had the cure to cancer wouldn’t you share it? You have the cure to death…get out there and share it.” –Kirk Cameron
Let others report bad news; we’ll share the good news.” –Woodrow Kroll
B. What happens if we pass on the opportunities before us?
1. Each of us has the responsibility to share our faith. 25 years ago, only 10% of Christians believed it was the church’s responsibility; today 30% believe it is the church’s responsibility. – Barna Report
2. It is our personal responsibility to share our faith. 25 years ago, 89% of Christians believed it was their personal responsibility; today 63% believe it was their personal responsibility to share their faith.
3. 1 in 5 Christians never pray for non-Christians in their lives.
4. 61% of Christians fail to share their faith; 50% have not invited a non-Christian to church.
C. What keeps us from sharing?
If the harvest is great…what holds us back?
1. Some hold back because they believe they have a lack of knowledge. They fear they don’t know enough about the Bible or how to share.
2. Some hold back because they just don’t care enough about lost people to share their faith. We have stopped praying for lost people and we make no time to interact.
3. Some hold back because they fear what others will think of them. Some just don’t want to be disliked, mocked, or laughed at.
4. Some hold back because they lack compassion for lost people. Some have forgotten what it was like to live without hope, apart from Christ, and have become spiritually lazy.
5. Some hold back because they want to be politically correct and don’t want to push their beliefs on others.
1. Identify your mission field. Where is God drawing your focus? Who in your world needs to know Jesus?
2. Focus on the gospel!
a. Live a consistent life.
b. Be a friend and good listener.
c. The Holy Spirit will give you power.
d. Don’t be “preachy.”
3. Share true stories of God’s power in your life.
a. Remember your life before Christ.
b. How did you receive Christ? How did you hear about Christ? How did you respond?
c. How has life changed since accepting Christ?
4. Begin praying for those in your world who do not know Christ!
5. Prepare your testimony. Keep it short and personal.
6. Have a plan to share the gospel.
7. Look for opportunities…“the harvest is great!”

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