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"Pieces" Getting Healthier Helps
Discussion Guide: Week 4
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Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
It's the final week of our series about mental healthiness called "Pieces". We've talked about the struggles that many face when it comes to mental health.
If God could speak about the significance of our bodies what do you think He would say? Read the words of Paul in 1 Cor 6:19-20. Using this scripture as a guide, why would God say that our bodies are important? How does this apply to our mental healthiness?
You are worth caring for because the Holy Spirit dwells in you. How does this truth rival the common sentiment that "it's my body, I can do whatever I want"?
We lose our way when we lose our why. Our why is the same truth we have used every week of this series: "God made me. God loves me. God is with me. I have a purpose. I have hope. I am not alone.“ What is our why and how do these truths help us to recalibrate, and regain focus on it?

Pastor Eric shared a story about a very personal loss and 5 things that helped his mental healthiness during that difficult time. Do you regularly engage in any of these? If so, have you seen the benefit? If you don't regularly engage with any of the tips below, which one do you think you could add to your daily routine to help reduce stress and anxiety?
- Walk your sass off: just 30 mins a day can reduces stress and anxiety
- Your rest is sacred: 7-9 hours per night
- Eat the potato instead of the tater tots: real food in it's natural state has -important vitamins and minerals
- The art of listening with intention: calming music helps you stay calm
- Serve those who cannot help themselves: Find a project that helps others
Pastor Eric gave us 2 phrases that are often difficult for us to say: "I was wrong" and "I need help". Why are these 2 phrases so challenging to us?
Take some quiet time and pray with our Heavenly Father. Ask Him to bring you peace and reveal areas where you may need to ask for help from others.