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Sunday Morning Service
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II Corinthians 4:1-7
The Dangers of Faking It

1. Most of us are familiar with the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. His invisible clothes
could only be seen by the most wise and intelligent. No one said anything. One day, a little
boy who didn’t know any better than to tell the truth shouted out: “The kin isn’t wearing any
2. This is much like the church of Jesus Christ. When are we going to get honest?
3. In 3:13 Moses had to put a veil over his face. The glory was fading.
4. Are you faking it? Is there a veil over your heart? That is always the danger in our activity for
God. We have the ministry of reflecting Jesus Christ. There is danger in faking it.
5. In I Cor. 4:1-7 Paul gives 4 dangers as she attempts to show that he was a genuine article.

Are you faking it? Is there a veil over your heart?
A. God Does It 1
1. Therefore…turn to the Lord…Spirit gives life and liberty. We behold Jesus and we
are changed from glory to glory. Therefore
2. We have this ministry. We are all ministers!
3. We have received mercy. Grace is God giving us what we do not deserve. Mercy is
God not giving us what we do deserve, but giving us so much better. It is unique of
any religion in the world. In every religion its approach to god is “do, do, do!”
The Gospel says: “DONE!” Let’s say something is accomplished…God receives
the glory! How can we take credit for something that He has done?!
4. We faint not. When we are pretending and faking it, we get so tired. We are trying to
meet the expectations of others. We are trying to live up to a self-imposed standard.
B. When God Doesn’t Do It... It’s Up To Us 2
The hidden things… “no one knows.” God does. Renounce… Three evidences that we
are doing it:
1.Hidden things of dishonesty.
2.Walking in craftiness…deceit (hypocrisy).
3.Handling the Word of God deceitfully…for your own purpose.
4.No longer living by truth…in the sight of God
Brokenness: The HEART God Revives. Look at the Insert in the bulletin.

Are you faking it? Is there a veil over your heart?
The lost are not being saved. Veiled Heart= Veiled Gospel. When we fake it the lost get the
wrong idea of the Good News. The Gospel is the death, burial, resurrection, and surrender
to Jesus Christ. At the heart of Jesus is a heart for the lost. (John 3:18)
A. Hidden Gospel 3
1. It is hidden to the lost. What a word! He doesn’t say, good people who do not go to
church…lost! He doesn’t say, churchy people who do not believe the
Gospel…lost! He doesn’t say, fine, sweet people who want nothing to do with
Christ…lost! Lost…have you ever been lost? You can’t find your way!
The church wants the world to get saved. The world is waiting for the church to get
B. Hindered Gospel 4
1. Satan wants to use you and me. We are either a stumbling block or a stepping stone.
2. Satan is working in the mind of the lost. Blinded the minds of them…lest the light of
the Gospel should shine unto them. The light is shining. The lost cannot see it.
3. The Gospel is the Light out to the Lost!

Are you faking it? Is there a veil over your heart?
A. The Content 5
1. For we preach not ourselves…the Gospel according to us.
The Judaizers enjoyed preaching about themselves and glorying in their
achievements. Paul just pointed people to Jesus.
2. But Christ Jesus the Lord…Paul’s answer to a confused, hurting, broken society.
3. Ourselves your servants for the sake of Jesus Christ. We are just one beggar telling
another beggar where to find bread. Broken people…is the heart of revival. It is
the broken heart. It is the contrite heart that God is looking to use!
B. The Communication 6
1. A Proclaimer 5a For we preach not ourselves…Someone must sound forth. To
live the life isn’t enough. (v. 2) Someone may mistake you for being religious. Jesus
makes the difference!
2. A Power 6
*For God commanded the light to shine in out of darkness. The analogy of light (v.
4) continues. Here Paul goes back to the beginning when God said, Let there be
light, and there was light. It was a supernatural, miraculous event. God did it! To
have energy, there must be an energizer. Something did not come and cannot come
from nothing. God is that energizer!
*The light of God has shone in our hearts. That is where God does His work. What
light was that? In those who are lost…in those who are blinded. The Holy Spirit
begins to translate the actions, word, deed of his ‘preachers’ into light! Salvation is
a supernatural work of God.
Are you faking it? Is there a veil over your heart?
We think it is of us. It is easy to forget who and what we are!
A. What We Are 7a
1. We have this treasure in earthen vessels…We are earthen vessels, clay pottery
holding a priceless treasure. We aren’t that valuable or important, but what we
contain is!
2. It is the ‘treasure’ that gives the vessel value!
B. Why We Are 7b
1. That the excellency of the power may be of God, and not or us.
2. The purpose of using such a lowly vessel is so that we may depend on God’s power
and not our own.
3. He receives all the glory. We can never say, “Look what I have done.” When we
fake it we think that we have done it and deserve the recognition. We are a clay pot
filled with Jesus Christ!

Are you faking it?
Turn to the Lord:
3:17 Spirit is liberty
3:18 Behold Jesus!
The World Will See Difference!
They will see your good works and glorify the Father who is in heaven!

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