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"Pieces" Suicide
Discussion Guide: Week 3
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  • The Summit Church
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As we have gone through our series about mental healthiness called "Pieces", there has been one recurring theme: We all have to Cope and we all need Hope. This week, we are talking about suicide. It is a hard topic for many of us to even think about, let alone discuss. However, it is a crucial point of discussion. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or behaviors, please seek help. We have resources available on our app and website.
Pastor Jonathan shared that it is wrong of us to assume that people who commit suicide go to Hell. This idea came from a desire to motivate people away from suicide. Read the following 2 verses: Galatian 6:2 and Romans 12:15. Instead of spreading the shame and guilt associated with suicide, how should the Church be stepping into the conversations?
It is important to remember that suicide does not end the pain. Instead, it defers the pain onto others. How have you seen this to be true?
Pastor Jonathan provided us with 3 big reasons not to commit suicide. Why are these 3 things so difficult to remember in the moment?
-Our life is not ours to take
-We miss out on God's future purpose and plans
-We should not make a permanent choice because of something that is temporary. It may not seem temporary at the moment, but it is
Read the words of Paul in 2 Cor 4:16-18. How does this scripture shift our focus on the internal work that God is doing within us? How does it elevate our perspective to the bigger picture of what God is doing?
So, why keep living in spite of the struggle and pain? Consider these 4 truths that Pastor Jonathan shared with us, and go to our Heavenly Father in prayer. Ask him to help you and your loved ones remember the truths below:
-Your life is good
-You have purpose
-Your pain is temporary
-There is help!