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Redeemer Church Mauritius

Render to Caesar - Phil Kendon

Render to Caesar - Phil Kendon

There are many disputes Jesus gets into with the religious leaders of his day, and one of those disputes revolves around the sensitive issue of paying taxes to Caesar. They questioned Jesus with the aim of catching him out in what he said so that they could accuse him of doing wrong. But Jesus uses their question to challenge their way of thinking. He affirms that God gives human authorities to maintain an ordered society and we should submit to their authority. Even when they fail to exercise it wisely, God will hold them accountable. But our ultimate authority is God and he is the one to whom we owe our allegiance, worship and obedience.

Locations & Times

Redeemer Church Mauritius


Sunday 9:30 AM

1. Setting a trap

The religious leaders wanted Jesus to choose between Caesar or God but he won’t be trapped.
2. God gives Caesar some authority

Political rulers are responsible for creating an ordered society and punishing wrongdoers.
3. God holds Caesar accountable

God will hold every ruler accountable for the way they lead their people.
4. God is the ultimate authority

We owe God our allegiance, worship and obedience because he is our creator, redeemer, and provider.
Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

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