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Sunday Morning Service
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II Corinthians 3:6-18
Expressing His Glory
1. We are an aroma, living letters. Here we are ‘able ministers’.
2. Christians can look the part…we pray, read the Bible, speak of Jesus. We look the look, talk the talk, but we are not real on the inside. God wants to use us to express His glory, but He can’t and He won’t unless we are real!
1. How can we be ‘able ministers’ expressing His glory?
2. II Corinthians 3:6-18 “Glory” is a key word: It is used 11 times in 5 verses. God’s glory is a manifestation of His presence. Have you ever ‘tried’ to live the Christian life? Have you ever sensed the presence and power of God, but no longer?
How can we be ‘able ministers’ expressing His glory?
A. The Glory of Life 6-7a
We only live in one of two ways:
1. Me doing something for God…that’s law. It will
never bring life! Much and most of Christianity is done in my strength, my
ability, my way.
2. God doing it. That’s grace that is The Spirit give life!
3. The Law given by God was glorious. It still could not produce life. IT WAS
B. The Glory of Light 7b-10
1. Moses walked into the presence of God. After 40 days on Mt. Sinai the glory of
God was visibly seen in Moses.
2. His face shone and certainly impressed the people. It was fading! We’ve been
there. God has drawn near. Everyone could see it! Then it begins to fade.
3. The Law was glorious, but nothing compared to the Spirit. (v. 9) The Law is a
mirror (shows us how dirty we are) …a measure (shows us how far we fall
short) …a magistrate (shows us that we are ‘guilty’) It was never meant to give
4. Even the best, God given law was passing. (v. 11)
C. The Glory of the Law 11-13
1. Paul is comparing the fading light with the fading Law. Why go back to that
which is temporary. There was a glory in the Temple, the priesthood. The
Jewish system had ended.
2. The fading glory led to faking it. (v. 13) Moses put a veil over his face so the
people would not see the fading glory.
3. If we don’t have it, we must fake it! Doing something for God…living in my
strength and power. The Church is full of fake joy, fake peace, fake zeal, fake
service. We look good. We must keep up the appearance because of pride!
How can we be ‘able ministers’ expressing His glory?
Speaking of the nation. The problem is internal. There are 2 problems:
1. But their minds were hardened (NASV) blinded (KJV)
2. A veil lies over their hearts…Christ removes the veil!
*In Ezekiel 8 “the glory departed” The glory, the shekinah glory departed. Here is
the story: He goes to the temple (v. 4) the glory is there! Image of jealousy…a
pagan Babylonian idol sat at the gate of the altar. Idols of the house of
Israel…animal like
creatures were painted on the wall. (v. 10) Weeping of Tammuz…which was an
Assyrian goddess. (v. 14) 25 men were facing East worshipping the Egyptian sun God.
(v. 16) It looked like business as usual. I believe that God wants to tear a hole in the
wall of the church and expose sin.
*God left…the glory departed. They were too busy with daily ritual to realize that God
had left them. They were playing religion without the presence of God. God was no
longer in the holy of holies.
How can we be ‘able ministers’ expressing His glory?
How can we get rid of the veil of the heart?
A. Repent 16
But whenever a man turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
1. Turn from your ways to Him.
2. The Seven Churches in Revelation were called to repent. Pennsville Stop Playing Games!
B. Renew 17
1. God must do it! It is the Spirit that gives Life and Liberty.
2. When God does a work, He will set you free! So many Christians are bound by
so many things…bitterness, jealousy, hatred, envy. You are faking it, but
you’ve lost your freedom!!
C. Return 18
How are we to change?
1. Unveiled…. we must first turn to God.
2. Amplified: Be Patient…it is for us all.
3. Transformed…changed (KJV) It is understood in our word metamorphosis. We are changed inside out not outside in.
4. Beholding…That Brings Revival! Christ must be revealed (the Word is essential). Then day after day as you are occupied with Christ you become more like Him. It never has to be advertised: “See how Spiritual I am”. Slowly but surely the change take place…like a cocoon turns into a butterfly. By the Spirit of the Lord: Gives Life (v. 6) Gives Liberty (v. 17) Gives Likeness (v. 18)
Are you spending time with Jesus?
The glory has faded…now you are faking it!

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