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No – The rejection is partial not total
Dan DeRoche | Romans 11:11-24
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Today's Full Sermon Passage

Romans 11:11-24
If the Jewish people are God’s chosen people, and God promised (covenanted) to save them in the Old Testament times, why are you saying some won’t be saved. Did God reject His covenant people?
Romans 11:11-24
Question: Did God reject Israel?
Answer: No - The rejection of the Jewish people is partial not total
Paul assures Jewish Christians that neither he nor God have abandoned them (vv. 11-15)
• The rejection of God by Israel…
• Resulted in God’s including of the Gentiles…
• That will result in God’s including of Israel
Gospel flourishing leads to gospel jealousy
We should live in a way that is…
Leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus
Paul warns the Gentiles to avoid arrogance and pride (vv. 16-24)
We should all continue to live out our relationship with God in faithfulness to Him
So What?
1. God loves us and He alone saves us
2. All followers of Jesus should seek to live in humble gospel flourishing that leads to gospel jealousy
Three arenas where humans buy into lies:
1. Pleasure
2. Identity
3. Purpose

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