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II Corinthians 2:12-17
When Plans Fall Apart

1. In vss. 12, 13 it appeared in Asia that Paul’s plans had completely fallen apart. Where is Titus?
What was going on in Corinth? Paul had an open door of ministry in Troas, but he had no
peace in his heart to walk through those doors…frustration…confusion. Paul’s plans have
fallen apart…but listen to vss. 14-17.
2. Have your plans fallen apart? The illness and death of someone you loved…The loss of a
job…The divorce that was to never had taken place…A child that is one drugs or ran away
from home. Maybe you are staring defeat squarely in the eye.
3. II Cor. 2:12-17 Paul’s plans have seemingly fallen apart. He gives us 4 reminders

Have your plans fallen apart? 4 reminders:
A. Our Response
Now thanks in the NASV But thanks.
1.We usually grumble and complain.
2.What about praise and thanks…not for the reversal or tragedy, but for what God has done.
B. Our Resource
Unto God
1.It is important to notice that everything that follows is wholly of God. We need to
realize how frail we are.
2.God does it and we say, Thanks.
3.It is God’s grace in spite of our frailty.
C. Our Reliability
Who always causes us to triumph (KJV) Who always leads us in His triumph (NASV)
1.Always Triumphant.
2.He Leads Us!
D. Our Rest
In Christ
1.We are identified with Him.
2.We are what He is.
3.The word triumph…Paul, from this point uses the Roman Triumph Procession as an illustration of Christ’s Triumph!
*The Roman Triumph was a special tribute that Rome gave to their conquering generals. The processional was ordered by a vote of the Senate.
*3 conditions must be met by the victorious general: 1) A commander in chief won a complete victory over the enemy on foreign soil. 2) He killed at least 5000 enemy soldiers. 3) He gained new territory for the emperor. Then that commander was entitled to a Roman Triumph.
*The processional would include the commander riding in a golden chariot, surrounded by his officers in other chariots. The parade would include a display of the spoils of war. The Roman priests would also be in the parade carrying burning incense to pay tribute to the victorious army.
*Chained to the wheels of the chariots were two sets of prisoners: 1) The ones in the front would be people who were going to be released. They had been captured, but they would be freed to become Roman citizens. 2) In the back of the processional was a rebellious group. For them the parade would end at the Circus Maximus where these would entertain the crowd by fighting with wild beast or being executed.
*One day Paul’s rebellious heart yielded. The conquered captives were partaking in the Triumph of their General. The crowds are cheering…not for the prisoners, but for the General who captured them. 1) To be conquered by Christ is to Triumph with Christ. His victory is mine! 2) We are free but dependent on Him. We say: “Lord, what do you want?”

Have your plans fallen apart? 4 reminders:
A. The Source
The savor, aroma is manifest through us.
1.We are just the instrument, the pipe…through which water flows to a thirsty people.
2.We are just a wire. He is the power (through us).
B. The Substance
The sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him…
1.The incense smoke was so dense at time that one could scarcely see the procession.
Using the image of incense Paul pictured the ministry of those chained to Christ. Not churchianity…not the right music or atmosphere…not the style of Jesus but the very aroma of Jesus Christ. To smell like Him, we must spend time with Him!!
C. The Sphere
In every place
1.Wherever I go I give off the fragrance of Jesus Christ.
2.He saw believer as incense giving off the aroma of Jesus Christ…whether their plans had failed or not!
D. The Scent
For we are unto God a sweet fragrance.
1.Since you are I have been made captive, God the Father looks down and sees you in Christ and Christ in you!
2.He is pleased with the aroma of His Son. What aroma does your life give off?

Have your plans fallen apart? 4 reminders:
A. There Are Two People 15b
1. There are only 2 groups of people…Saved…perishing.
2. You are either saved or lost.
B. There Are Two Possibilities 16a
To the one we are the aroma of death unto death, to the other the aroma of life to life.
1.To the perishing we are an aroma of death.
2.In the Roman Triumph there were those to be set free, and those who were going to be executed.
*The savor, aroma of victorious incense filtered over all…Those to be set free (the aroma of life. Those rebellious one to be executed…the aroma of death. Which is a tragedy!
*All were in the processional. Christ’s Triumph…regardless of the destiny because Christ is going to win!! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord! To one group we are an aroma of life. To the crowd that rejects Jesus Christ…we are a fragrance of death. (John 3:16, 18, 36)

Have your plans fallen apart? 4 reminders:
Who is sufficient for these things? Life and death wrapped up in us!
There are two needs:
A. The Word of God…don’t corrupt the Word of God!
B. The Wisdom of God
Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of
God. (3:5) God must do it. We must be available!

What aroma is your life giving off?
Have you been captured by Christ?
Have you surrendered to Jesus Christ?

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