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Daniel - Part 3 - Waiting
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BOTTOM LINE: Rescue is worth the wait.
1. Waiting for God is not my default response.
2. Waiting for God means trusting Him to do what I know He can do even if He doesn't do it.
3. Jesus is always there, even in the hottest fire when the waiting didn't make sense.
4. The result of waiting is far bigger than changing just my life.

When have you been in a situation where you had to wait for help or rescue of some kind and it was worth the wait? While you were waiting, what did you try to do on your own or what did you consider doing instead of waiting? What would have happened if you didn't wait.

Read Daniel 2:47-3:1. What drastic change do you see in King Nebuchadnezzer? We don't know what happened, but what do you think changed what may have caused it to change?

What do you think we should learn from this change in Nebuchadnezzer? What do you think we should be prepared for when we have our own "Wow God" moments and what could come after that?

Read Daniel 3:25. What does this verse mean to you on a personal level, to know that Jesus shows up and walks with them through the fire, even when he doesn't immediately take them out of the fire? How have you experienced this in your own life? How did you see Jesus and know that he was there?

How does this entire story of the fiery furnace overlay with the entire Gospel narrative? In other words, how does it put that Gospel story from start to finish on display?

Read Daniel 3:1-7. How does "all" the people bowing and worshipping show us that waiting for God is not our default reaction? When have you needed to wait on God to show up and rescue you or a situation? Did you give up during the waiting? Why or why not? What did you do?

Read Daniel 3:17-18. What tensions or challenges do you have with the idea of proclaiming that you believe God is able to do something but even if he doesn't you will still follow him and not do something else? How has this tested your faith? How has it grown you closer to God?


What do you sense the Holy Spirit telling you to do with the truths from this passage and from this story? What are you going to do about it?

Who are the "Nebuchadnezzers" in your life who may not believe in your God and may even be antagonistic to it? How can they see Jesus walking with you through your fires? What can you do to make sure they know about the rescue that you have experienced?

Pray for each other and the fires that you are facing, have faced, or may be facing. Pray that we would each stay faithful and bold to wait on Jesus to show up and walk with us through those fires. Pray that those around us would see Jesus and the result of waiting so that they, too, can know Jesus!

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