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II Corinthians 2:1-11
Dealing With Others

1. You have heard this quote: To live above with saints we love, will certainly be glory! To
live below with saints we know, well that’s another story.
2. In I Corinthians Paul was hurt and disappointed with the Corinthians…divisions, jealousy,
carnality. Spiritual pride, immorality, incest (ch.5), marital disorders…Paul’s authority
and reputation had since come under attack. All of this must have hit Paul right in the
3. Has some ‘saint’ disappointed you, failed you, hurt you? He or she may have been a
pastor, teacher, leader in the church, a spouse or friend. We are just human and humans
fail. Verse 11 reminds us that Satan wants to discourage and divide. We are often ignorant.
4. How do we deal with others, not allowing Satan to get the advantage?
5. II Corinthians 2:1-11 we will learn principles as to how to deal with others:

How do we deal with others, not allowing Satan to get the advantage?
A. His Acknowledgment 1
1. He knew how they felt. He wouldn’t come in heaviness…so he writes I
Corinthians. It’s a real mess: disorderly conduct, taking each other to court,
petty jealousy, spiritual pride, taking the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner.
The Lord’s name was blasphemed by the world around Corinth.
2. He knew how much they could take. “I can’t take any more.” If correction is
Necessary, timing is so important. It is so important in dealing with others so
Satan doesn’t get the advantage.
B. His Account 2,3
1. He took those feelings into account. Paul didn’t want to go back to Corinth
with a grieved heart. Christians are doing the best they can. Paul didn’t want to
make life more difficult.
2. He brought Joy. Paul wanted to come to them in joy. The situation (I
Corinthians) had been corrected. We are to bring joy…if possible. We are
designed for Joy.
3. We cannot fulfill our purpose with known sin in his life.
C. His Attitude 4a
1. He felt the wrongs would be made right. It hurt me. There is no pride or
power struggle. His motives in the confrontation were right.
2. He expects the best. So often we look for the worst, the wrong. Sin must be
D. His Affection 4b
1. Love must be tough. We know very little of this today!
2. He loved them abundantly...the hurt was necessary. It’s like a doctor setting
a bone: “This will hurt, but it is necessary.”

How do we deal with others, not allowing Satan to get the advantage?
A. Expect Failure 5
1. You are dealing with people. The offense seems to be against Paul personally.
An insult or affront…The motive isn’t given.
2. In my last ministry (over 30 years ago) …after 6 months: “You know that you
shouldn’t be here.” “God must have something else in mind…I’m here.” ‘Salo,

I’m going to love you until you like me.’ My last Sunday: “I’ve grown so much
under your ministry.”
B. Experience Frustration 6
1. There are consequences. The offender will have the greater grief.
2. “You’ll pay for this.” The injury he had inflicted on himself was greater than that
on Paul.
C. Exercise Forgiveness
At times the offender will say, ‘I’m sorry I was wrong.’ Don’t hold your breath.
Discipline was carried out.

How do we deal with others, not allowing Satan to get the advantage?
The man in Corinth repented...what are we to do?
A. Correction Should Lead to Restoration 7
1. Forgive…Comfort are in the aorist tense. An aorist has a past action with
continuing results. Perhaps a congregational vote was in order. The man who
committed incest had repented.
2. Lest they be overwhelmed (swallowed up) with sorry. It is so important in
relationship. If true repentance is seen…don’t bring it up again!
B. Confirmation Should Lead to Reassurance 8
1. Verify…let’s see your ‘love.’
2. It is a legal term: To ratify by a formal decree or vote.
C. Consciousness Should Lead to Realization 10, 11
1. Forgiveness with Christ looking on.
2. He forgave and restored me. This forgiving…Christ is here! What is the church?
It is a body of forgiven sinners. The church is a hospital for saints.
3. We don’t want Satan to get an advantage.

How do we deal with others, not allowing Satan to get the advantage?
Won’t Forgive: Lest such any one should be swallowed up with over much sorrow. This
is a possibility.
A. Failure isn’t final. Unwelcomed is overwhelming! He is a God of second chances!
B. God isn’t through with you yet...thank God for that! What a God!
C. Isn’t it great to know...God still uses failures!

Dealing with others so Satan will not get the advantage: Realize…
Feelings of Others
Failure of Others
Forgiveness of Others
Future of Others

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