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Daniel - Part 1 - Identity Theft
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Guarding my heart will guard my identity.
Culture wars are designed to confuse me.
Culture wars are designed to confuse me.

Have you ever had your identity stolen in some way like having your debit card hacked or someone impersonate you? Have you known someone who did? How did it feel? Why was it so frustrating or difficult?

Read Daniel 1:1-5. Why do you think the King wanted them to learn the language and literature of Babylon? And if they were already well educated, why did he want them to be re-educated?

Read Daniel 1:6-7. "Daniel" means "God is my judge." "Belteshazzar" means "Bel's prince." (Bel was a god of the Babylonians) "Hananiah" means "Beloved of the Lord" while "Shadrack" means "Illumined by the Sun god." "Mishael" means "One who is as God" while Meshach is "Like unto Venus" and Azariah means "the Lord is my help" while "Abednego" means "the servant of the Nego" Why do you think these new names were chosen? What do you think it would have felt like to have such godly names changed?

What do you think it means to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to this world, as Jesus taught the disciples to do and to pray for? How have you experienced that culture being attacked and warred against? What are ways that the culture of Jesus is so different than the world we live in that it can be confusing at times?

What is a label that you find yourself believing that is different than who God says that you are? It may even be a good label, but it is temporary and will not always satisfy. It may be a negative label and you find it paralyzing or limiting. How can we fight to only be identified by the labels that God gives us? What are those labels? Share the verses that may come to mind that go along with those labels.

Read Daniel 1:8-16. What was the bold step Daniel took and why was it bold? What would it look like for you to take a step of boldness like this? What do you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to do that might be counter cultural or require bold faith to trust him?

Daniel used a strategy of testing to prove God to the chief of staff. How can you use this same strategy as you pursue God's calling and purpose for you?

The result of Daniel's bold faith is that his three friends were also impacted by their true identity. How does this apply to you as well when you think about the people that will be affected if you trust God and follow His purpose for you? Who are the people where you live, work, and play that could also experience the truth of God's Kingdom if you were to guard your identity in this way? How will they experience it?

Pray for each other regarding the answers to those last few questions. Commit to pray for each other this week, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable to take the steps that you feel like the Holy Spirit is leading you to take.

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