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PAX Christian Church

HEBREWS 11:32 | Gideon | PAX Christian Church (09/10/23)

HEBREWS 11:32 | Gideon | PAX Christian Church (09/10/23)

PAX Christian Church is a non-denominational church in the Carson Valley of western Nevada.

Locations & Times

PAX Christian Church

1267 U.S. Hwy 395 N, Gardnerville, NV 89410, USA

Sunday 9:00 AM


We are so gald you joined us today. Pax is a non-denominational church that exists to live and share the gospel of peace. (Romans 5:1-11)

Our vision is that everyone would find peace with God through Jesus Christ and become peacemakers who advance the kingdom of God.



During the month of September we will be receiving coat donations on behalf of FISH For their annual Coat drive.

Last year we were able to donate 119 coats to be distributed to our local community.

This year they have let us know they are particularly in need of kids and youth coats.

We would love for you to prayerfully consider donating a coat or two this year to help support families in our community.
God calls us to step out in faith, in spite of fear.
Israel has forgotten God and begun following Idols.

God gives them into the hands of the Midianites.

Israel is living in fear instead of by faith.
God calls Gideon to act in faith even when if he can't see God in his situation.
God calls Gideon to act in faith in the face of fear.

Gideon doesn't believe he can save Israel--he is the least in his family and from the weakest clan in Manasseh.
God uses Gideons perceived weakness to display his strength.

God can use our perceived weakness to display his strength.

In place of fear, God offers peace.

Faith requires trusting that if God has asked you to do it, God will make a way to get through it.

Gideon had faith to be obedient inspite of his fear.

Sometimes God calls us to do things that are intimidating.

It is ok to be obedient, and to be afraid while doing it.

Gideon keeps operating in fear and God keeps responding with faithfulness.

Gideon goes on to do great things, and each time we see that he has to work through his fear to be obedient.

Gideon keeps operating in fear and God keeps responding with faithfulness.

Gideon can't do it on his own. God is pretty clear that this battle isn't his. The victory will come by the Lord's strength.
As faith grows fear diminishes.

Is there an area in your life that you have given into fear?

What is the first faithful step you can take to make God's plan a priority in this area of your life?



The bread represents the body of Christ.
The juice/cup represents the blood of Christ.

Connect with PAX

We'd love to connect with you. Fill out our digital contact card and we will be in touch!


To keep up with the building updates, visit the link below, or text "BUILDING" to 833-271-8947

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You can also give via Text Message. Simply send a dollar amount to 84321.
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