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The Summit Church

"The Perfect Family" Family Fights

"The Perfect Family" Family Fights

Discussion Guide: Week 3

Locations & Times

The Summit Church - Kernersville

4440 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284, USA

Thursday 6:30 PM

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
It's week 3 of our series, "The Perfect Family" and today we are talking about something we know all too well; conflict. Unfortunately, it is a normal part of human relationships. Think back on your early life and ask yourself two questions: How was conflict modeled to you? What is your typical response to conflict?
Jesus changed the typical rules on conflict. Before Jesus, the normal response was to get even and make the other person pay. However, as He did with many things, Jesus flipped this idea of how to handle conflict on its head. Read Matthew 5:30-48. How were the teachings of Jesus in this scripture revolutionary?
Paul addressed the topic as well when he wrote to the Ephesians. Read Ephesians 4:25-32. Why is this so difficult for us?
As Pastor Jonathan said, "It's not about winning. It's about loving." How is that supported in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5?
Pastor Jonathan gave us "5 Rounds of Healthy Loving Conflict". How do you think these 5 steps might be helpful in your relationships?
1. Pause: It often ends here
2. Pray: Honor God and each other
3. Listen: Understand
4. Share: Be honest, clear and kind
5. Change: There is always a way to grow- forgiveness starts with you
Conflict is a normal part of life! But we have been told not to respond "normally." Pray to our Heavenly Father. Ask Him to help you address unhealthy conflict with love and kindness. Pray that He will reveal ways that you can honor Him in the conflict and move forward stronger.
Here is a mission statement that Pastor Jonathan gave us to apply to marriage moving forward: "You before Me until We become One". Take some time and pray for the marriages in your life, whether your own or loved ones. Ask our Heavenly Father to help unify hearts and minds through differences and difficult times.

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