CenterPointe Christian Church
September 10, 2023
CenterPointe Christian Church is a community-focused church in Lexington, KY, that desires to help you FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. All ages and stages are welcome to join us in-person Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00 AM or stream live online at 11 AM at - Children's ministry is available for birth thru 5th grade during both in-person services.
Locations & Times
  • CenterPointe Christian Church
    865 Greendale Rd, Lexington, KY 40511, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Message Series: The Quest
Today's Message: Not in Kansas Anymore?
Scripture: Various

Quest = an arduous search for something considered to be important or valuable

Sign #1 - God Owns It All

Sign #2 - God Is Generous

Sign #3 - God Can Be Trusted

Truth #1 - God's Ways Are Different From Our Ways

Truth #2 - God Is Always Going To Uphold His Own Established Laws, Truths, and Principles

Truth #3 - Money & Material Things Are No Measure Of Love

Personal Reflection & Growth Group Questions

1. How have you seen God’s goodness in your life over the last week? What are you thankful for? What are you praising God for?

2. What spoke to you from Sunday’s message? What was one of your main takeaways?

3. Do you believe God owns everything? If you say yes, what are some things you do that would back up that claim? What are some things you should be doing that you're not? What are some things you should not be doing that you are?

4. We established that most Americans are among the richest people in the world; why do you think most of us don't feel as blessed as we are? How has the world managed to blind us to God's blessings? Name something you could do that would help you see God's blessings more clearly.

5. What kind of relationship do you have with the Bible, your yellow brick road? How often do you read it? Do you read according to a plan or haphazardly? What are some things you could do better to connect with God through his word?

6. When you look at your financial snapshot and spending, what changes do you believe you need to make?

7. How can we pray for each other and encourage each other on the quest to financial health that honors God?