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Buzzwords - Part 8 - Hallelujah

Buzzwords - Part 8 - Hallelujah

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"Praise ye Jah"
Praise the Lord
1. Hallelujah pulls me up when I get knocked down.
2. Hallelujah is my hope when I am overwhelmed.
3. Hallelujah protects me from my enemies.
4. Hallelujah is my weapon and victory.
5. Hallelujah is because of Jesus!

What is an example of a time that you've had to celebrate or maybe even sing, even when you didn't want to? (i.e. "Rocky Top" after the other team scores!)

What makes this hard? Why do we not naturally want to do it?

Read Psalm 135:1-3 in The Message translation. How does this passage define Hallelujah for us? How is this different than the "responding to something good" that we usually use the word for?

Break down this passage one phrase at a time and notice each thing it says in response to hallelujah, but also what it does NOT say! What do you notice?

Read Psalm 27:6. When do you feel like you have enemies or situations trying to pull you down? What is normally your response? How is that different than how the writer of this song is responding?

Read Psalm 149:6. Do you believe that God, your heavenly Father, delights in you - REALLY delights in you? Why or why not? When have you wanted this to be true or when have you experienced it to be true?

When have you found yourself lying awake at night unsure of what comes next? What is normally your thought pattern? What are you usually trying to figure out that you can do? How would Psalm 149:6 paint a different picture of what you can - and should - do instead? How could this be your weapon and source of victory?

When you think about your story - who you were before Jesus, how you became of follower of his, and what is different now - how do you see this concept of hallelujah at work no matter what? How can this become a part of your story that you are prepared to share with others?

How can you help others experience "hallelujah" as you go throughout your week? How can we use the situations and circumstances that others in our lives face to open up opportunities to tell them about Jesus and who He is to us?

Practice telling your short story of faith. Each person give a three phrase story (and that's all!) that simply says, "Before Jesus I was ___________. I began following Jesus when ______________. Ever since I began following Jesus I am _________________."


Pray for each other and what you shared in the "do" section above. Pray that we will help each other and look out for each other in the micro church. Pray that as a result of us becoming holy like our God is holy, the result will be other people in our lives being drawn to Jesus.

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