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Worship Service - Job Ch 3-37 - Retribution and God
Job is a book that has evoked both questions and comfort for millions through the centuries. Within its chapters is a discussion of immeasurable suffering and a search for answers to our deepest questions. Job challenges us to wrestle with God, keep faith in Him who is in control and completely trustworthy. In the end, God proves to be true to his character; our good and blessed redeemer.
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    2780 E 3900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84124, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

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This Week's Scripture

This week's scripture references can also be found at the following address:

Job 1:1
Job 1:20
Job 2:10
Job 3:20-21
Job 2:12
Job 28:12
Job 4-37
Joel Ch 3-37 - Retribution and God

I. Does God Seek Retribution?
II. What Happens When we See God this Way?
III. What Are the Gospel Answers?
II. What Happens When We See God This Way?

III. What are the Gospel Answers?

Answer 1: God is doing something greater than we can understand.

Answer 2: In Christ we don’t get what we deserve.