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Cain and Abel & The Nature of Sin
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Two Offerings, Two Motivations
Sin seeks to _____ control and ______ God into a position of _____.
We are _____ to make light of our sin, but _____ is evil.
This is a picture of _____ and ______.
The _____ of sin is the selfish, prideful desires in our own _____.
It is giving yourself _____ to an evil power.
The _____ in this story lies in _____ and God’s insertion into Cain’s affairs and ours.
Sin produces the circumstances of _____ and _____.
Sin is seeking to_____ our identity in anything other than _____.
The way is made by ______ for us to be_____ from slavery and _____ his rest.
Jesus became sin for us so that we could be _____ and _____.

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