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Buzzwords - Part 6 - Amen
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Valid, certain, and binding because of God's truth.
Amen points to and seals what is...

Binding because of Jesus' authority.

Certain for me.

For God's glory.

When have you said something that you didn't realize was thought of as binding or certain to another person but they took it that way because of who you are to them?

On the flip side of that, when have you thought that something was binding or certain - or maybe you trusted the truth of someone more than you would have someone else - because of who they were?

When people say "Amen" in our culture, even outside of the religious context, we get half of the definition correct when we say it because what do most people simply mean when they say "Amen"?

Read Deuteronomy 7:9. Replace the word "faithful" with "Amen". Now, think about each word of this verse. How does God being the "Amen God" in the full context of this verse help explain what "Amen" really means?

Read 1 Corinthians 1:20. When have you had the full confidence that a promise of God was certain and binding? In other words, how have you experienced the "yes and amen" of the promises of God's Word? Each person share a specific example. Maybe it was even after the fact that you realized after doubting that all along you had nothing to fear or worry about because it was sealed and settled all along.

Why do you think people that you know have a hard time accepting Jesus as THE truth, or accepting anything as THE truth for that matter? How does that then lead to them to having a hard time accepting anything as certain or binding, especially promises that God offers?

What promises from God's Word come to mind that you say "yes and amen" to and can - or need to - accept as binding? Share those and the verses that may come to mind to support them and share how they have impacted you (or can impact you!) in your every day life.

What do you sense the Spirit of God telling you to do differently this week because He and his promises are...

Binding because of Jesus' authority.

Certain for you.

For God's glory.

What will look different about the way you pray and the way you look for opportunities to share you story if you see it all as an opportunity for you and your life to give glory to God?

Each person in the micro church share the promise or attribute of God that you need to claim as certain and binding in your life. Pray for each person to be led by that truth this week and to see it spill over to those around you where you live, work, and play!

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