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Vital Signs - Ps. Johan Minnaar
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  • ChurchAlive North, 288 Castlehill Dr, Northcliff
    288 Castlehill Dr Northcliff, Johannesburg 1925 Castlehill Dr, Northcliff, Johannesburg, 1925, South Africa
    Sunday 8:30 AM
Personal reading: James 1:1-18
Our faith will be tried, in order to stand the test of time.
“Complete trust and confidence in someone or something” – Oxford
Faith built on personal conviction (only)
Thoughtless devotion to someone else’s beliefs (traditions, culture)
This kind of faith starts with me and ends with me.
For these people, church is a spiritual service provider; that meets my needs, teaches my beliefs and facilitates my gifts.
It usually results in increased levels of neediness and discontentment.
Personal convictions, tried and tested in a life-giving family environment.
In community, it starts with me and end with us.

For these people, church is a family, where they serve others and the mission of God, sacrificially, from a heart of gratitude and for God’s glory.
Results in a sense of purpose and fulfilment.
In community / family, the true test of my faith, is not to see how strong my faith is, but to discover where / in whom my faith is really placed.

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