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Beulah Alliance Church

Life Interrupted | Deborah, August 5/6, 2023

Life Interrupted | Deborah, August 5/6, 2023

Locations & Times

Beulah Southwest Campus

5055 Chappelle Rd SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 3L5, Canada

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:15 AM

August 5/6, 2023
Tim Doherty, Adult Ministry Pastor
The tension we face: How can a follower of Jesus respond in any situation, and to any question—when things are so cloudy and confused, so political and polarized?

Their context:
· Deuteronomy 30:1–20 (CSB) “…CHOOSE LIFE.”
· But … Judges 2 summarizes the repeating cycle they experienced (in 2:14-19): Rebellion, Oppression, Cry for help, Rescue, Peace, Repeat.
· Yet God is fighting the battle, and the ‘hero’ is the person who listens to what God has said, recognizes what He is doing, and responds and does what He asks.

What difference does this story make for us?
Ideas have tremendous impact, for better or for worse.

Like what ideas?
· ___________________
· ___________________
· ___________________
· ___________________

What does God say?
· ___________________
· ___________________
· ___________________
· ___________________

Yet there are other ideas and values that people hold; But these ideas came from another source: Ideas like ______________, and _____________, and _____________, and ____________, and ______________. Where did these come from?
As a follower of Jesus, a disciple of His, how are you going to live?

Jesus has called us to a better way and to His better ideas.
In the midst of the tension,
· Remember what God has said — open your Bible, and listen to what He has said
· Recognize what He is doing — discern with maturing disciples of Jesus what God is doing around you
· And then Respond and do what He asks you to do.

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