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Psalms Greatest Hits - Psalm 1
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
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Psalms Greatest Hits

The Psalms are the Bible's guide to worship. They guide us through normal times, times of despair and times of deep joy. They help us understand how our emotions relates to God.

This sermon series will highlight five classic Psalms, in the hopes that we will learn how to worship God throughout our days.

The Text in Context

"While this psalm expresses the underlying assumption of all the psalms, it is no new revelation. If you would, it is merely a poetic summary of the Old Testament law and, particularly, of its teaching on..." Click link to read more.

I. The Psalms.

II. Psalm 1 - Two paths

III. God cares about happiness.

IV. The Tree

V. God's Law.

1. Make a list of the thing that make you happy.

2. Reflect on what it is that makes you happy.

3. Pray that your happiness would be rooted in God.

1. The opening line of Psalm 1 contrasts the way of the righteous with the way of the wicked. How does this psalm define these two paths, and what implications does it hold for our daily lives and decision-making?

2. The psalmist speaks of the delight and meditation of the righteous in the law of the Lord. In a fast-paced and distracting world, how can we cultivate a deeper connection with God's Word and find joy in studying and meditating on it?

3. The psalm describes the righteous as being like a tree planted by streams of water. What are some key characteristics of a spiritually fruitful life, and how can we ensure that we remain deeply rooted in God's truth and nourished by His presence?

4. Psalm 1 portrays the end of the wicked as perishing and being blown away like chaff. What does this imagery teach us about the consequences of living apart from God, and how can this understanding shape how we share the good news with others?

5. Psalm 1 presents a stark contrast between the righteous and the wicked, with a clear emphasis on the blessings of walking in the ways of the Lord. How can we avoid falling into the trap of judgmental attitudes toward those who don't share our faith, while still holding firmly to our convictions and values as Christians? How can we strike a balance between being loving and accepting without compromising on biblical truth?

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