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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 64:1-12

1. Has God ‘come down’? Is God real to you?
2. Isaiah 65 God reveals Himself in all His power and glory. Isaiah 64 is preparation for that
3. Isaiah 64 gives what it takes for God to ‘come down’ and make Himself real to us.

Has God ‘come down’? Is God real to you?
I. OUR CRY 64:1-5
A. His Person 1-5
You /Your and in verse 4 Him. God must become man!
B. His Presence 1-2
1. He is asking God to come down. This was Israel’s cry when Jesus came the first
time. At the Triumphal Entry the cry: Hosanna…save now. Blessed be the king
who comes in the name of the Lord. Yet just one week later: “Crucify Him”
“Crucify Him”
2. Jesus came, but they missed Him. Israel today is looking for her Messiah. He
came unto His own, but His own received Him not.
3. If you seek Me you will find Me if you seek Me with a whole heart. Here the cry
is for judgment: That the nations may tremble at your presence.
C. His Power 3-4
You came down and the mountains shook.
1.Isaiah looks back. This leads God’s people to ponder His greatness.
2.Don’t get hung up on other gods. There is One God! All other gods are false!
3.Other gods have never acted and could never act. For since the beginning of the world…There were no Jews! You act on His behalf: Those who wait for Him. Wait is ‘to adhere…to stick to Him’.
D. His Personalization 5a
You meet Him: Who rejoices in doing righteousness. Who remembers You in Your
ways (obey the Word).
E. His Peril 5b
1. What stops God from standing up for…for meeting Him?
2. You were angry…we sinned. Unconfessed sin stops us from meeting Him. We
continue in them for a long time. Shall we (Israel) be saved?
3.Sin must be dealt with on the cross. Have you come for salvation? As a believer: sin destroys fellowship!

Has God ‘come down’? Is God real to you?
A. Totality 6
1. All of us…all our…all of us (NASV)
2. All are sinful and separated from God. We are all as an unclean thing.
3. We all need a Savior!
B. Transparency 6
1. Unclean was the cry of a leper.
2. Righteousness’s are the ‘good things’ that we do. Filthy rags were menstrual
rags or rags from the sore of a leper.
3. All of us wither like a leaf…we are so temporary! Our iniquities (sins) like a
leaf in the wind (blow us everywhere)!
C. Tragedy 7
1. There is no one (naturally) who calls Your name. No one rouses himself to take
hold of You.
2. You have hidden Your face from us. You have consumed us. You have delivered
us into the power of our iniquities. (NASV)
3. Realize what you are apart from Jesus Christ.

Has God ‘come down’? Is God real to you?
But Now…Has something happened in your life? Has sin been dealt with?
A. Paternal 8a
“O Lord, Thou art our Father”
1.Earthly fathers aren’t always good.
2.Our Heavenly Father: Protects…Provides…Possesses
B. Pliable 8b
We are the clay, and You our Potter. We all are the works of Your hands. We
Respond: Sovereign…Surrender…Submit With submission, we lose a
power-struggle. We give over. We let go. With surrender, we step out of the power
struggle and into a new relationship with whatever is arising. We give up
C. Perspective 9
Behold, see...We beseech Thee…All of us are Your people.
1.Give us mercy…don’t remember our sins.
2.We belong to you.

Has God ‘come down’? Is God real to you?
A. Evidence of Sin 10-11
There are consequences to sin.
1. Desertion 10a Holy cities are empty with weeds growing up and all the
people are gone.
2. Desolation 10b Jerusalem is a shadow of its former self.
3. Destruction 11 The Temple is destroyed…Where our fathers praised thee. It
is burned with fire.
B. Estranged Because of Sin 12
1. Three questions are asked: Wilt thou restrain thyself? Wilt thou hold Thy peace?
Wilt thou afflict us?
2. We don’t deserve this God because of what we’ve done.

Is God real to you?
“If you seek Me you will find Me if you seek Me with a whole heart.”

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