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I Am Not What I Once Was!
Glenn White | Romans 6:15-23
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B.C. = “Before Christ”
A.D. = “Anno Domini” (In the year of the Lord)
"The grace of God does not relieve me of my responsibility to be obedient. The grace of God makes possible my obedience.”
”The Master we obey is evidence of whose we are.” (Tony Merida)
1. See it as God sees it
2. Hate it (Rom. 7:15)
“Sin in the believer is a burden that afflicts him, not a pleasure that delights him.” (John Owen)
3. Wage war against it
- Confess (1 John 1:9)
- Repent
- Forsake it (Proverbs 28:13)
3. We Don't Want To Go Back There
4. The Free Gift of Eternal Life
A. The wages of sin = DEATH
B. The free gift of God = ETERNAL LIFE
What Do I Do?
A. Repent
B. Flee
C. Follow

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