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The Beginnings: Consequences - Doné van Eyk
Humanity was created as the pinnacle of God’s creation. In fact, humanity was created in the image of God and given the task of stewardship on earth. The event of the Fall changed our relationship with each other and, more importantly, God forever. The consequences of the Fall were far reaching, not only were Adam, Eve and the Serpent punished, but there were consequences for their offspring as well. Through the disobedience of Adam, the earth was cursed, and humanity was banished from the Garden of Eden. We are making decisions in our daily lives, and we sometimes forget that every decision has consequences – some good and some bad. Although Adam and Eve lost everything God never stopped loving and caring for them. We can take heart in this, it shows that while we might make mistakes in life God still loves us unconditionally.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
1. Naked and afraid

Adam and Eve knew something changed when they were disobedient to God. They were naked and afraid, hiding from God. We are not that different.
2. Shifting blame

Adam and Eve were quick to shift the blame for their actions, even pointing a finger towards God. We are not that different.
3. Judgment

The consequences of their disobedience affected each one differently. However, it was far reaching and still affects the whole earth.
4. Separation

Separation from God was the final act of Judgment.

The consequences of the Fall were far reaching, creating separation between humanity and God. Amid this separation God still showed love and care towards humanity.