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The Summit Church

"Legendary": Jonah & the Whale

"Legendary": Jonah & the Whale

Discussion Guide: Week 6

Locations & Times

The Summit Church - Kernersville

4440 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284, USA

Thursday 6:30 PM

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
This week we are going to be discussing the story of Jonah and The Whale. Together we will realize there are far more similarities between us and the people in this story than we might be comfortable admitting.
Read Jonah 1:2-3. Have you ever felt God telling you to do one thing, but like Jonah, you took an opposite path? You were probably not swallowed up by a whale and spit out onto a beach, but what was the outcome? How did that experience test your faith in God?
We know that ultimately, God took mercy on the people of Nineveh. Read Jonah 3:10 NLT. When have you witnessed examples of God's mercy and love in unhealthy situations?
Read Jonah 4:1-4 NLT. Jonah was certainly upset by God's decision to show mercy on the people of Nineveh. Why do you think Jonah reacted this way? How did God respond to Jonah?
Pastor Jonathan reminded us that in order to join God's heart for all people (love, mercy, grace), we must see as He does. What does this mean in the context of our modern world?
Pastor Jonathan said "God helps us even when it doesn't seem like help". What are you facing right now that might actually be God's loving and gracious way of directing or redirecting your life? Join God's heart for ALL and trust that He is helping you even when you may not see it.
Pray to God. Ask Him to help you Trust in His best for your life. Ask for help in directing your next steps.

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