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Waiting For the Blessed Hope
Titus 2:11-14
Pastor Jerry Koller
Today’s passage of Scripture talks about waiting.
In this verse, all is a word that has to do with each part that applies to the whole. It does not mean each and every human being who has ever lived.
In this verse, we see how grace comes from God.
Some key components of God’s grace are love, mercy, compassion, benevolence, and favor (or kindness).
It is not based on any category such as gender, social status, age, race, merit, and so on.
As we examine Scripture, we see there seems to be different kinds of grace. The components are the same, but the kinds seem to apply to the needs for which they are given.
· There is a common grace that is given by God to all living creatures.
· Scripture identifies a grace that leads to salvation. Call it saving grace.
· There is enabling grace which is given to specific individuals to accomplish specific things.
3 Responses to Grace:
· It may go unnoticed by its recipients. This is often the case with common grace.
· It can be resisted. Such would be the case with enabling grace.
· Grace can be irresistible - so overwhelmingly attractive that one simply has to act upon or carry out the purpose for which it is given.
· We see grace personified in Jesus Christ.
Verse 12 gives us a description of what enabling grace should accomplish in the lives of those in Christ.
There are two aspects of enabling grace described in this verse.
· One deals with what must be avoided.
· The other deals how those in Christ are to live out their faith.
Enabling grace teaches those in Christ to say “no” to:
· ungodliness
· worldly passions (lusts)
The word “teaching”has to do with a child under development who is being trained to reach his or her full potential, to become mature.
God wants us to be mature in our faith. He wants us to reach our full potential as far as being Christ-like is concerned in this present age—in the here-and-now as opposed to some future time
Wait has to do with looking forward to something with eagerness and expectation.
· We are looking forward to the blessed hope.
· Biblical hope is something that will come true because it is a strong and confident expectation.
Notice how the Apostle Paul reveals or better describes what that blessed hope is. It is the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
God’s purified people are a people who are eager to do what is good.
· The Greek text literally reads they are zealous of good works.
Salvation Has Come—Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.
We Are Redeemed—Through His death and resurrection, He has redeemed us—freed us from bondage to sin.
We Are Purified—Through His shed blood, He has washed away sin’s impurities.
We Have Received Grace—Without it, we could not have placed our faith and trust in Jesus.
We are here to praise, to give thanks, and to worship our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Don’t Refuse Grace—We must say no to ungodliness and worldly passions for they do not contribute to self-control nor help us to be upright and godly.
Happy Birthday!
· Deb Jenks
· Marge Dumbaugh (7/4)
Next Week’s Servants (7/9)
· Café Bakers: Pat Fitton (casserole) | Joyce Bocock (donuts)
· Café Attendant: Marge Dumbaugh
· Nursery: Tracy Marshall, Sandi Cagle
Teens: Bible on the Beach
What: A morning of Bible time on the beach studying the book of Ecclesiastes

Who: Anyone youth group age and up

When: Thursdays at 9:15am from June 8-August 17

Where: Meet at Kids Corner Park in South Haven then walk down to the beach. After the Bible study, we will meet at McDonald's for breakfast for anyone who wants to join. Please bring money to pay for your own food.

For questions or more information, contact Julie Newell.
Celebrate Freedom: Hot Dog Giveaway
Monday, July 3 | Kids’ Corner Park
To celebrate Independence Day, we will be giving away free hot dogs and sharing the freedom we have in Christ with our community… don’t miss our annual event!
Get Involved!
« Help Needed After Worship TODAY: We will load the van with items needed for our hot dog giveaway. If you're able to stick around after church for 10-15 minutes and help get things packed, we would appreciate it.
« Attn: Event Helpers: Thank you so much for serving our community and participating in this event! Please plan ahead and arrive early to allow yourself time to find parking and walk to Kids' Corner. If you have any questions, please contact Kim or Pastor Jerry.
« MONETARY SUPPORT...A HUGE thank you to all of you that have contributed to this project. As of right now, it is estimated that we have collected enough funds to cover our expenses. If something changes once items are actually purchased, we'll update again.
« HELP NEEDED @ EVENT...We are so grateful that so many of you have signed up to help at this event! We have one spot open for a condiment stocker from 8pm until we're done. We also only have one person signed up to help with clean-up so if you're at the park at the end of the evening, it would be appreciated if you would just plan to stick around a little longer and help load everything in the van. Again, we give a HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers!
« For questions or more information, contact the church office.
Nursery Volunteers Needed
If you are willing to serve in the nursery on a rotating basis, please contact Kim in the church office as soon as possible. A background check is required. In particular, we have gaps and need one more person to help on the following dates:
· July 16
· August 13
· August 20
If you are able to fill any of these holes, please contact Kim Collins ASAP.
Mission Cafe
Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

The Mission Café is a great place to have a breakfast treat and coffee, enjoy lively conversation and have fun while helping support missions at First Baptist. All items are store bought and served safely. Featuring:
¨ Donuts
¨ Bagels
¨ English Muffins
¨ Snacks
¨ Hot & Cold Beverages
¨ And more!
For your convenience, we accept cash, check and debit/credit cards!

Online Giving is Available!

If you would like to support our ministries by giving an online donation via debit/credit card or your bank account, you can do so by using this link:


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On the Calendar
mission café
Sundays | 9:00-10:15am | Mission Cafe

children’s sunday school
Sundays | 9:15-10:15am | Classroom 3
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· On break until Fall.

Sundays | 10:30am | Sanctuary
· If you're unable to join us in-person, you can watch live on Facebook or view later in the week on Facebook or YouTube or listen to an audio only version on Archive.

children’s worship
Sundays | 10:30am | Children’s Worship Room
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· Contact Alyssa Newell for questions or more information.

men’s bible study
Tuesdays | 7:00-8:30pm | Mission Café
· Contact Paul Fitton or Larry Dobberstein for questions or more information.

bible study
Wednesdays | 5:00-6:30pm | Conference Room
· Contact Tina Wilburn for questions or more information.

church office open
Wednesdays | 11:00am-4:00pm

women’s craft group
Thursdays | 6:30pm | Craft Room
· Contact Tracy Marshall for questions or more information.
· Renee Goff is recovering from a procedure to have an injectable heart monitor inserted.
· Caroline Bocock has been terribly ill as she is dealing with a Lyme Disease outbreak. She has begun a treatment regimen that looks promising. Please pray that it is effective and that she will be feeling better soon.
· The Marshall Family: Tracy has requested that we specifically pray for the following: "Nolan is signed up for Boys and Girls Club (BGC) this summer. It's every day from 12-5 and we desperately need him to hold it together well enough to attend. We tried BGC during school and he lasted three days before he was asked to not come back. But since he punched his friend and now is not allowed to play with anyone in the neighborhood, if he can't handle this, then we are in for a verrrrrry long summer while we are trying to work . Daniel is getting a lot of pressure from his boss to come back into the office and HR is involved...please pray they grant this flexible work arrangement and also that Nolan will be successful at the BCG."
· Chris Tragna (Kristen Schultz' mother) is recovering from a stroke, and they are working through her healing as well as looking at options for 24 hour care. Please keep her and her family in prayer as she recovers and decisions are made.
· Sarah McKamey received good test results and it doesn't appear that she had a heart attack. Her medications have been adjusted - please pray that the changes are effective so she doesn't have a repeat episode .
· We extend our condolences to Bruce & Vasha Ferguson upon the death of Vasha's godmother, Mary Ann Jones, on 5/30 in Washington.
· Leslie Robinson (friend of Bruce & Vasha Ferguson) is home and using a walker. Thank God for His mercy and faithfulness, and please continue praying for her full recovery.
· Sadie (29 year-old friend of Steve & Lisa Follman) had a liver transplant shortly after birth and is now having a lot of health complications. She is receiving palliative care. Also keep her family in prayer.
· Terry Buckley (father of Keith Buckley) is being evaluated for heart issues.
· Joyce Bocock has completed chemo and radiation; praise God that both tumors have shrunk significantly more than expected; evaluating additional treatment options.
· Check out our monthly prayer card on-line at under “Weekly Bulletins” for a list of those with on-going needs.
First Baptist Church
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South Haven, MI 49090