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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 60:1-13
What Should Be Brought To Jesus?
1. Darkness is the absence of light. In chapters 58-60 form a unit of prophecy: 58…darkness
would give place to light, IF God’s people were obedient (vss8, 9). 59…Because of
disobedience, there was no light (vss. 9, 10). 60 Describes the effects of the coming Redeemer
(59:20) There is light in the place of darkness (60:1). It speaks of the Second Coming of
2. The God we serve will be visible and present.
3. Isaiah 60:1-13 Jesus comes: The light is come (1) …shall come (3-7)
4. When Jesus comes…what should be brought to Jesus?
When Jesus comes...what should be brought to Jesus?
The context is the Second Coming. It can apply when Jesus comes to us.
A. The Command 1a Arise…shine
Darkness and desolation is over! Jesus is coming to Jerusalem. It glory is shining from
1. Jerusalem was to radiate the light of their Redeemer.
2. We are the light of the world. We are a light set on a hill. Don’t hide your light under a bushel!
B. The Condition 1b-2b
You cannot ‘shine’ until the Light is come.
1. For Thy light is come…Jesus is coming again. To us He has come!
2. For the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. God has decreed that His people will bring light to a dark world.
C. The Challenge 2a
At the time of the Second Coming of Jesus: The . (7
years of Tribulation) The Anti-Christ will be worshipped as God.
1. The Place Is Dark There is no such thing as darkness. It is merely the absence of light.
2. The People Are Dark Gross darkness the peoples. There is darkness within
and darkness without. THAT IS OUR ASSIGNMENT!
D. The Contrast 2b
BUT…Light dispels darkness.
1. The Lord shall rise upon thee.
2. The glory shall be seen upon thee.
3. The light of the Lord in Jerusalem radiates from Jerusalem. The God who is in us shines from us!
E. The Climax 3
The Gentiles shall come to the light.
1. God wants to use you to make an impact.
2. God wants to display His glory through you.
3. From the lowest to the highest shall come…to the brightness of Thy rising.There must be a response! Are you willing to come?
When Jesus comes...what should be brought to Jesus?
A. The Return 4
Have you wandered? Come back.
1. Jewish exiles come to Zion. Thy daughter shall be carried on the hip.
2. These are drawn by divine power (Mt.24:31) Gentiles will be the vehicles through whom it will be accomplished. God wants to use you!
B. The Renewal 5
God first of all must do something in us.
1. Thou shalt see and be radiant.
2. Wealth of the nations shall come to thee. There will be economic prosperity in Israel.
C. The Remuneration 6-9
What do the nations bring to Jesus? What should we bring?
1. They Bring Substance 6 Midian, Ephah, Sheba was 3 of the 6 sons of
Abraham by Keturah. It is present day Yemen (the Arabian Peninsula).
*Possessions…They bring their most treasured and prized possessions. (Camels
and Gold)
*Praise They shall show forth the praises of the Lord.
2. They Bring Sacrifices 7
Kedar Nabaioth were the sons of Ishmael. They are the Arabs and make up
present NW Saudi Arabia.
*There is a Millennial Temple in which they offer sacrifices. The sacrifices are
not for sin. Jesus offered a sacrifice once for sin. It is a memorial much like the
Lord’s Supper. You do show the Lord’s death til He comes. I will glorify the
house of my glory.
*The precious blood of Jesus must never lose its preciousness. You are the
Temple of the Holy Spirit…glorify God in it! Present your bodies a living
sacrifice…(Rom 12:1, 2)
3. They Bring Sons 8-9
Tarshish is perhaps modern-day Spain. Israel is scattered. Now they return. Did
this return begins in 1948???
*Who are these that fly like a cloud…could he mean air planes?
*Isles shall wait for me…By the isles of the Gentiles divided their land…everyone
after his tongue, families and nations. (Gen. 10:5) Far off nations will acts under
God’s decree.
*Unto the name of the Lord thy God and to the Holy One of Israel
hath glorified thee!
Bring your sons and all that you value to Jesus!
When Jesus comes...what should be brought to Jesus?
Foreigners work for God and His glory. The nations of the world and their leaders will
serve Jerusalem in the Millennium.
A. Building 10-12
1. Walls Rebuilt 10 Foreigners shall build. Foreigners will be useful for God. I will
show mercy.
2. God Always Opens 11a Communication with God is always open.
3. Wealth Is Brought 11b Give back to God what He has given to you.
4. Kings Lead In Procession 11c
5. Do or Die 12 Jesus rules absolutely!
B. Beautifying 13
1. Three trees are mentioned. These trees are planted in the vicinity of the Temple.
2. To beautify the place of my sanctuary…I shall make the place of my feet glorious.
3. God wants to make us ‘beautiful people.’ The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,
peace, longsuffering…
Has Jesus come to you?
Will you come to Him?
What are you withholding?

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