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Month of Prayer: week 3
This Saturday from 7.30-9am is our Prayer@Parky morning where we will be praying as a church community in and around the church facilities, followed by coffee and that ‘breakfast sausage-in-a-bun’ we talked about on Sunday 😉 🌭 We’re really hoping for a good turnout to this highlight in our Month of Prayer! This Sunday, Anthony will be bringing us the next message in our June Month of Prayer, this time on Listening to God. Please join us for 10 minutes before the service for our 50-10-4 prayer session, starting in the auditorium at 9.10am and finishing at 9.20am to pray for the ministries and direction of the church. All welcome! Anthony says “In this series we have been wanting to broaden our understanding and experience of prayer, moving from it being a task to a time of communion with God. We know that Prayer is communicating, and like any form of communication there are two aspects - talking, as in using words, and there is listening. This Sunday we look at Stage 3 of our Four Stages of Prayer - Listening TO God. How do we hear God? How do we listen To God? Does God talk to us? How do we know if it’s God or something else? We will explore all this on Sunday.”
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  • Parkerville Baptist Church
    910 Seaborne St, Parkerville WA 6081, Australia
    Sunday 9:00 AM
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Prayer Is The Spiritual Communion With God
Mark Thibodeaux
“The third stage in the evolution of prayer is Listening to God. A child who has advanced from parroting words like “Momma” and “Da-da” to forming her own sentences has taken a great step. But she is still a child. The mark of a mature person is the ability to really listen.”

“The Lord will never tie of hearing my voice… God is always ready to be my captive audience. On the other hand, he wants share in my struggles and console men in these different times. He wants to challenge me to repent and to live the gospel more authentically. He wants to guide me through the decisions I make and to encourage me to live by those choices. He wants to celebrate my inner victories and to teach me how to have more.
Mostly, he just wants to say, “I love you.”
What Stops Us From Hearing God?

What Stops Us From Hearing God?


Time Spent
Mark Thibodeaux
“I will never be able to hear God’s voice in nature, in other people or in the words of the Gospel if I do not know God. And I will rarely come to know God unless I am willing to put in the time, patience and practice necessary for this (or any!) relationship to thrive.”

Dallas Willard
“Life lived in God's presence defines the purpose of our existence. This union with God consists chiefly in a conversational relationship with God.”
Speaking Through The Scriptures - Meditating On The Word
Speaking Through The Holy Spirit To Our Heart And Mind
Speaking Through The Prophetic - Word Of Knowledge, Word Of Wisdom, Prophecy
Speaking Through The Counsel Of Others - Godly Counsel
Speaking Through His PEACE - The Peace Of God
Speaking Through Circumstances And Timing


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