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June 11 | Be With One Another: Encourage
Phil Heller
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ENCOURAGE - parakaleo,
para “alongside” and kaleo “to call
- To encourage means we remind each other of what is true.
- To encourage means we remind each other of what is true.
- To encourage means we challenge each other to live holy lives.
Christian friendships exist for this: to say things that will keep each other believing. Every exchange with others counts for eternity. We are either weakening people’s affections for God,
or strengthening them.
Holiness is not a mystical condition experienced in relation to God but in isolation from human beings. You cannot be good in a vacuum, but only in the real world of people.

True holiness begins between God and the soul, but it finds full expression in community with
other people.
- Commit to relationships.
- Choose your words wisely.
- Commit to relationships.
- Choose your words wisely.
- Create a Culture of Encouragement
God, I worship you for your love, faithfulness, and constant presence in our lives. You created us and want what is best for us. I worship you for your goodness, purity, unfailing love, and
gentleness and kindness.
God, we confess we are often self-centered, avoid interaction, shallow in our relationships, negative in our attitudes, hurtful with our words, critical in spirit. This can be detrimental to our
relationships with others and not be a good witness for Jesus. Please forgive us.
God, thank you for those who have been an encouragement to us, been kind and supportive to us as we seek to grow in our faith, who have also been loving enough to challenge us, correct
us, hold us accountable. Thank you for the beauty of healthy Christ-centered community that you designed and nurture.
God, help us become a place where people experience your love in tangible ways, an encouraging place where people feel authentic love and kindness expressed through encouragement.

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