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A Breath of Fresh Air
Chris Putney | Romans 3:21-31
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Romans 3:21-31
In Christ you have all you need for life and salvation and it is all given to you for free.
Facet 1: Christ justifies anyone by faith
“Faith is simply the attitude of coming to God with empty hands. When a child asks his mother for something he needs, trusting that she will give it, his asking does not merit anything. It is merely the way he receives his mother’s generosity. This is crucial because, if you come to think that your belief is the cause of your salvation, you will stop looking at Christ and start looking at your faith. When you see doubts, it will rattle you. When you don’t feel it quite as clearly or excitedly, it will worry you. What has happened? You’ve turned your faith into a ‘work’! Faith is only the instrument by which you receive your salvation, not the cause of your salvation. If you don’t see this, you will think you have something to boast about: The reason I am saved is because I put my faith in Jesus. This is a subtle misunderstanding which cuts away our assurance, and boosts our pride. And verse 27 says the gospel leaves no basis for boasting.” - Tim Keller
"Such scandalous grace can be a stumbling block. We want to do something about our sorry condition. We want to bring something to the table and contribute to our salvation. Before we become Christians, we want to offer our sense of moral goodness. And after we have been Christians for a while, we often want to offer our Christian obedience. But the truth of the matter is that we all come before the cross empty-handed. We couldn't hope to add even a single ounce to our worth before God. There is no reason to pat yourself on the back and every reason to praise the Lord Jesus. For it is when you realize you have nothing that you are in just the right position for Christ to be your everything." - Allistair Begg
"As a believer in Jesus, I can know that on the cross He was treated as if He had lived my sinful life, so that I might be treated as if I have lived His righteous life.” - Matt Smethurst
Facet 2: God is both judge and gracious forgiver of sinners
"God loved the objects of His wrath so much that He gave His own Son to the end that He by his blood should make provision for the removal of his wrath." - John Murray
Facet 3: Salvation empowers obedience

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