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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 59:1-13
Separated From God
1. Are you willing to give up your ‘rights’ for God? (Good...Love...Light...Life?)
2. Isaiah 59:1-13 Israel ‘separated’ themselves from God:
Are you willing to give up your ‘rights’ for God? (Good...Love...Light…Life?)
A. God Can 1
1. God is ready, willing and able to save.
2. When I give up my rights: God can hear. God can save.
B. God Cannot 2,3
You and Your (2,3) They, Them, Their (4-8) We and Us (9-13)
1. My Rights Exposed 2
*My way, my rights lead to independence and Iniquities.
*To pant is to exert one’s self. Evil and darkness can only be understood in
relation to Light and Good. They do not have any actual existence…I am Light.
I am Good.
*Without a standard there is no sin. Removing yourself from Me will plunge you
into darkness.
2. My Rights Expressed 3
This is seen in how we treat others.
*Life: Your hands are defiled with blood.
*Good: Your fingers with iniquity
*Love: Your lips speak lies.
*Light: Your tongue to mutter perverseness…wickedness.
These are my rights!
Are you willing to give up your ‘rights’ for God? (Good...Love...Light...Life?)
None calls for justice…nor pleads for truth…They, Them, Their
It’s easy to see where God is left out in others!!
A. My Wisdom Is Deceptive 4b
They trust in vanity (emptiness) confusion…They speak lies…They conceive
mischief…They bring forth iniquity (to exert one’s self)
B. My Way Is Deadly 5
They hatch adders eggs…They eat adders eggs (die)…They crush adders eggs which
brings another viper (another poisonous snake).
C. My Web Is Delicate 5a, 6a
They weave a spider’s web…Webs shall not become garments (6a)…Webs shall not
cover themselves…They fall apart easily!
D. My Works Are Dangerous 6b
Cannot cover themselves (like a spider web)…Their works are works of iniquity (to
exert one’s self)…Acts of violence is in their hands.
E. My Walk Is Destructive 7,8
1. The Way of Pain 7 Feet…run to evil. Thoughts are thoughts of iniquity (to
exert one’s self). All of which lead to waste and destruction!
2. The Way of Peace 8 No Peace…No God The way of peace they know not…
Whosoever goes in them shall not know peace…no justice…crooked paths.
Are you willing to give up your ‘rights’ for God? (Good...Love...Light...Life?)
We…see ourselves as we really are. My Rights…God you are right. I am wrong!
A. It Is Dark 9-10
1. We Wait 9 Darkness is the absence of light. God says, “I Am Light”. For
Light…Behold obscurity. For Brightness…We walk in darkness!
2. We Grope 10a As if we
had no eyes…Our Perspective.
3. We Stumble 10b At noonday as in the night. We are in desolate places…like
dead men. Death is the absence of life. God Is Life!
B. It Is Depressing 11
1. We roar…We are so impatient!
2. We mourn…greatly…despondent. It is the very opposite of God’s peace.
C. It Is Depraved 12
Our is used 4 times. Call your selfishness SIN!
1. Transgressions…a revolt (national, moral or religious) is a rebellion against God. It is multiplied with us!
2. Sins…to miss the mark. They testify against us.
3. Iniquities…is to pant, to exert one’s self…to know them!
D. It Is Degrading 13
We have sinned against God!
1. In transgressing and lying against the Lord.
2. In departing from God…speaking and uttering falsehoods from the heart. I Have My Rights!
3. But if I give up…Then you would begin to know the wonder and adventure of living in Me.
Are you willing to give up your ‘rights’ for God?

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