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Corner Church UNITED SERVICE • Sunday, June 4
Low-key MVPs
Locations & Times
  • Target Field Station
    500 N 5th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Missions: Please continue to pray for Charity and Amos Trotter as John Trotter passed away unexpectedly in May. The Trotters are missionaries that we (Corner Church) have supported for several years. Please be praying for Charity as she processes next steps.

Local: Please be praying for people in your local that don’t feel like they are heard or known. Pray for opportunity to be an answer to prayer.

Corner Church: Pray for communities that may be a good fit for Corner Church. Provision, leadership and direction.
Welcome to Corner Church! Today we are excited to be together for a UNITED service. Once a season we bring our four communities together for ONE UNITED Service. Next week we will return to our normal Sunday service schedule. 8:15a or 10a in Corner Coffee North Loop and 10a in Corner Coffees Uptown, Camden, and Northeast. Our calling as a church is to have a Corner Church and valued in-community business within walking distance of people in our city—not to have more Corner Church, but to have more communities living out being the church. Thanks for being a part!

Tuesday Morning Communal Prayer is at Corner Coffee North Loop, 9a-10a. Join the Corner Church prayer team by checking it on your Connection Card today.

Corner Church Summer Connection Event registration is OPEN. Plan what you would like to do with others and submit the information at

Kidventure Planning Meeting is this Tuesday, June 6th at 6p. Kidventure is an amazing opportunity to serve Corner Church kids, their friends, and neighborhood kids in our communities. It is three evenings this summer and you can help plan and/or staff the fun. Please RSVP on the Corner Church calendar event.

Kidventure is August 10-12. Parents and helpers, mark your calendars!
Get involved in a Ministry Team at Corner Church. Connect with other people you are serving with and help keep our communities healthy! Mark any and all areas you have interest on your connection card today.
Dialogue Question:

Who have been some “low-key MVPs” in your life? What impact have they made in your life?
Dialogue Question:

What can keep you from showing up and being a “low-key MVP”?
Dialogue Questions:

Why does God use normal people to accomplish/support His will?

What does it tell us about God that He accomplishes His will through people like us?

Dialogue Questions:

What sets a moment apart as being one where you are the low-key MVP?

In your everyday life, what are the recurring moments in which you have a chance to intentionally be the low-key MVP?
Take It Deeper Questions:

Read Luke 8:1-3.
Who has been unusually helpful to you in your life? If he/she was removed from your past, how would it impact where you are today?
What motivates you to be unusually helpful?
What discourages you from being unusually helpful?
Who do you identify with most? Mary, the person with the complex history. Joanna, the person who has often gone unsupported. Susanna, the person that often goes unnoticed.
How did these women help Jesus?
How are you challenged, encouraged, and/or focused by seeing their impact on Jesus’ ministry?

Bible Reading Plan:
Luke 8
Luke 18
Acts 9
Exodus 17
Hebrews 10