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Isaiah 56:9-57:21
When A Nation Forsakes God

1. America is rapidly leaving God out. For some reason America cannot see a direct correlation between leaving God out and many of the problems facing our nation.
2. What can we expect when a nation forsakes God?
2. Isaiah 56:9-57:21 most of Israel has forsaken God:
What can we expect when a nation forsakes God?
A. The Failure 56:9-12
1. The Pulpits 9-10
*God is calling their enemies…beast of the field. Whether Assyria or Babylon.
*Watchmen…blind. Dogs…do not bark They are sleeping…lying down…loving
to slumber. The pulpits in America are farther and farther from the Truth.
Many wanting to be politically correct never speak of sin, judgment or hell.
Many support LGBTQ, gay marriage and abortion on demand.
2. The Politicians 11-12 These are the leaders of the nation.
*Greedy dogs that can never have enough. Shepherds that cannot understand.
They look out for themselves. Everyone is out for personal gain.
*They are toasting their good fortune, thinking they’ve never had it so good. 12
*Tomorrow shall be as this day and much more abundant. God is calling the
beasts of the field to devour them.
B. The Features 57:1-13
1. They Are Careless 1-2
*The truly righteous are perishing and no one sees the significance of it. In
Isaiah’s day they were disappearing for sinister reasons. Taken away…they are
taken away from future evil. They are perishing, but entering peace. Their
death beds are beds of peace.
*The righteous are perishing in America. They aren’t valued, recognized or
honored. They made America great! Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin
is a reproach to any people. (Prov. 14:34)
2. They Are Carnal 3-13
They are idolaters. They have other gods that has taken the place of the true
*Selfish 3 Sons of sorceries to cover…slight of hand…act covertly, secretly.
Adulteries…affairs…cheating on God Harlotry…selling your soul for money
and stuff.
*Sacrilegious 4 They derided and scorned God. Children of transgression…
Seeds of falsehood…They opened their mouth and stuck their tongue out at
*Sexual 5a,7a, 8 Gone up…enlarged your bed…Inflaming
yourselves…fertility Gods. Sex orgies was part of their worship. SEX…PORN
has captured America!
*Sacrificial 5b,7b Infant Sacrifice…America has killed over 64 million
babies through abortion.
*Slippery Stones 6 Israel is finding satisfaction on slippery smooth stones.
They are your lot or portion. You sacrifice to these things!
*Security 9-13a
(1) Their Direction 9 They tried to secure protection from foreigners. Sent thy
messengers far off. They tried to make themselves secure by buying
protection. Did debase thyself even into hell…this made them go down to hell.
(2) Their Determination 10 It refers to their frantic effort to gain
support. They would not say, There is no hope and turn to God. They exhibit
immense energy and resources to get out from under danger.
(3) Their Disregard 11 Led by fear they embraced false securities. They
sought the help of men, but not the Lord…Me you have not remembered!
(4) Their Doom 12-13a Thy righteousness is righteousness but false
righteousness. Thy works is your efforts. Thy companies is a collection of their
gods. Let them save you if they can!

What can we expect when a nation forsakes God?
This will take place during the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus returns!
A. Repent Turn around. This can take place in each of us.
B. Remove 13b-14 Every obstacle…I will build a causeway free of obstacles.
C. Revive 15-17
1. The Presence of the Lord 15 He dwells in two places: High and holy
place…Contrite…broken…humble heart.
2. The Purpose of the Lord 16-17 To revive the spirit and the heart…For I
will not contend forever 16
D. Restore 18 I will heal…I will lead…Restore comforts to him.
E. Revitalization 19-21 Fruit…Peace to him to is afar off. Note the contrast…BUT

“There is no peace to the wicked”

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