Centreville Presbyterian Church
Seven Deadly Sins: Life, Love and Lust | May 21, 2023
A few hours streaming or surfing online is all it takes to notice... Lust plays a big role in our world today, even if we never really talk about it. Join us this Sunday at CPC and we'll do just that, as we explore those oh-so-famous Seven Deadly Sins.
Locations & Times
  • Centreville Presbyterian Church
    15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville, VA 20120, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
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Seven Sins called Deadly because of:
Popularity (We all battle them)
Power (Very hard to fight)
Place (They spread...)

Lust is healthy sexual desire that has set aside its pursuit of lifelong oneness with another human being and instead begun to settle for something easier… physical satisfaction now. It grows in strength when fed. It withers when denied attention or access to things that fuel it. Lust can sit on the surface, or it can live deep down, unknown to anyone but ourselves. Lust looks different for different people in different stages of life. Some will lust more for the personal pleasure. Others for the power that it can bring you over other people.** Allowed to live on lust will change how we see people, turning them into objects for our use. The ultimate result of lust is is the diminishment of love.