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The Markan Sandwich - Mark 14:53-72 - The Courage to be Loving
Youth & Family Ministries Director, Ryan Joslin
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In this sermon series, we will be looking at a literary device in the Gospel of Mark called a "Markan Sandwich." At a few points in this gospel, Mark will take two stories and put them together. One story will begin, Mark will then shift to a seemingly unrelated story, then Mark will return to the original story. The first story is the bread, the second story is the meat. Though both stories seem to be unrelated, Mark is teaching us something by combining them.

The Text in Context

"There was Jesus in the midst of the Sanhedrin, while just outside, in the outer courtyard, where he could look in and see all that was happening, Peter sat... around the fire on that chill spring night in Jerusalem. Mark is very careful to point out that these two situations occur..." Click link to read more.

I. What is a Markan Sandwich?

II. Scripture Reading

III. Courage and Fear

IV. Christ’s Courage to Affirm

V. Christ’s Affirmation of His Ministry

VI. A Ministry Centered on Love

VII. Peter’s Fear and Our fear

VIII. The Courage to be Loving

1. Take time this week to reflect on what fears you may hold. Where do they come from and what are they rooted in?

2. Think of a way you can act lovingly in our community even when it may mean to make yourself vulnerable.

3. Contemplate on the courage Christ displays, how do you see this courage to be loving displayed in the world around you?

1) Mark 14:66-72 describes Peter's denial of Jesus three times. What factors may have influenced Peter's actions, and what do you think this reveals about human nature and the pressures of following Jesus?

2) Mark 14:61-64 portrays Jesus' response to the high priest's question about his identity as the Messiah. What is the significance of Jesus' answer, and how does it impact the subsequent events in the narrative?

3) In Mark 14:72, Peter weeps bitterly after realizing his denial of Jesus. What emotions and thoughts might be going through Peter's mind at this moment, and what lessons can we learn from his experience?

4)Mark 14:53-72 presents contrasting depictions of Peter and Jesus. How do their actions and responses during this passage highlight their respective character traits and move the narrative forward?

5) How does Mark 14:53-72 illustrate the theme of faithfulness and betrayal? What lessons can we draw from the contrasting actions of Peter and Jesus in relation to loyalty and commitment?

6) In Mark 14:66-72, the servant girl accuses Peter of being one of Jesus' followers, leading to his denial. What role does this scene play and how does it resonate with similar situations we might encounter in our own lives?

7) The cockcrow in Mark 14:72 is often seen as a symbolic moment in the narrative. What symbolic significance might be attached to this event, and how does it contribute to the overall message of the passage?

8) Mark 14:72 marks a pivotal moment in Peter's journey as a disciple. How does his experience of failure and remorse contribute to his later transformation and growth as a leader in the early Christian community?

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