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Life Changing Questions - Part 5 - Searching
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BOTTOM LINE: Where is God in this? Because I know He is here.
1. God will seem to be invisible in a broken world.
2. Bold faith is knowing my God will show up.
3. Jesus is always faithful even in the hottest fire.
4. The result is far bigger than changing just my life.

When have you had a hard time finding something, but once you knew what to look for or where to look it was easy to see? What changed that made it possible for you to see what you hadn't been able to see before?

Read Jeremiah 29:13. According to this verse and this promise, what does it mean if we can't find God or if he seems invisible? What do you think it means to really "seek" God?

Read Daniel 3:1-7. What do you think the Jews who followed the one true God must have been thinking and feeling as this was happening? What may have been reasons to feel defeated or like God was absent or invisible?

Read Daniel 3:16-18. What is the significance of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego saying "if he is able" and "even if he doesn't"? What does this show about their faith and what "honest" faith is really about?

What is a situation that you have faced where you trusted God completely with this kind of faith, or what is a situation or decision that you are facing where this kind faith would make a difference if you stand firm knowing your God will show up? How do you stay firm even when he doesn't do it when or how you expect or want it?

Read Daniel 3:24-25. When have you been in a "fire" before and that is when Jesus showed up or when you were finally able to see or experience his presence and work in your life? Why is it in the fire that we are able to better see and experience the presence of Jesus?

"Through The Fire"

If you're up for a good ole fashioned Southern Gospel song, check out the song below and watch the lyrics together as a micro church. There are some powerful lyrics! How does this speak to you? What situations or "valley of decision" came to mind as you saw this?

How can we help each other pause and ask "Where is God in this?"

Who is someone in your life that would be impacted by this question? How would asking this be different than how you would normally respond to someone's circumstances?

What is part of your story where you saw Jesus walk with you through the fire? Practice sharing your story with the following format:

Before: When I was going through _________ it felt like God was ______.

During: I began to see His presence when ____________.

After: Now I know the next time that I go through something that _____________.

Pray for the fires that each person in the micro church is going through, coming out of, or heading into. Pray that we each will seek God and know with bold faith that He will show up! Pray that the "Nebuchadnezzars" in our life will see his presence and be changed, too!

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