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How to Take Advantage of Every Teachable Moment
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While it may seem like successful people have all the answers,
the truth is that they never stop asking questions.
1. It's easy to overlook our imperfections,
but a teachable person embraces wise guidance.
2. It’s easy to do what is right in your own eyes,
but a teachable person seeks wise counsel.
How to help yourself become a Teachable Person?

Go To Church
How to help yourself become a Teachable Person?

Meet with other who are sold out to your spiritual success.
How to help yourself become a Teachable Person?

Try a Life Group
3. It’s easy to do what we think is right,
but a teachable person seeks out what’s right.
God communicates that wisdom primarily through:
• prayer
• his word
• wise council
4. It’s easy to ignore our critics,
but a teachable person listens to constructive criticism.
5. It's easy to let pride lead the way,
but a teachable person cultivates humility.
The direction of a teachable person
Discussion Questions
1. If you could have a personal tutor in any skill or subject, what would you choose and why?
2. If you could travel back in time and give your younger self advice about something very specific what would that thing be? Why do you think that advice would have made a difference in your life?
3. In Proverbs 15, Solomon gives five characteristics of a teachable person; Embrace Wise Guidance (v32), Seek Wise Counsel (v22), Seek Knowledge (v14), Listen to Constructive Criticism (v31), and Cultivate Humility (v33).
a. Which of these is the most difficult characteristic to grow in your life and share why?
b. Share how you currently applied one of these characteristics in your life today.
4. Why do you think some people resist accepting correction or discipline? How can we foster a heart that is open to learning from our mistakes?
5. Share an example of a time when seeking advice from others led to a positive outcome.
6. How can we discern between good and bad advice? What role does scripture, prayer, and people play in this discernment process?
7. Proverbs 15:22 emphasizes the importance of having multiple advisers. Why do you think it is important to seek counsel from various sources?
8. How have you or how can you cultivate a hunger for knowledge and wisdom in your daily walk with God?
9. Share a time when you received constructive criticism that helped you grow as a Christian. How did this feedback impact you, and what did you learn from it?
10. How does the fear of the Lord relate to wisdom and teachability? How can we develop a deeper reverence for God that inspires us to be more teachable and open to His guidance?