Centreville Presbyterian Church
Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony - Always Consuming, but Never Full | April 30, 2023
Is there anything better than biting into a perfectly prepared burger? Or sitting down to watch the last three episodes of our favorite show? But how much is too much? When is it time to walk away and why would any of this affect our relationship with God? Join us this Sunday as we dive into Gluttony in our conversation on the Seven Deadly Sins.
Locations & Times
  • Centreville Presbyterian Church
    15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville, VA 20120, USA
    Wednesday 9:00 AM, Wednesday 10:30 AM
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Gluttony is… when the things we consume are instead consuming us… We have begun to partake of the simple pleasures of life - food, media, alcohol, hobbies - beyond what is good for us and the people we love. Gluttony is not about your body type, whether your past time is golf or gaming or whether you are on social media or read romance… It is about a relationship with consumption in which the deeper satisfaction and contentment we were meant to have with God and life is replaced by the temporary pleasure that comes when we swallow it down.
God loves you. God made you and life beautiful already. So, of course He hates gluttony.
A few signs that you might be getting pulled into Gluttony:
1) Are there things you consume, even when you are sort of tired of them?
2) Is there something that once you start you have trouble stopping? (food coma’s don’t count as stopping..;)
3) Are there things that you consume that your mind or body require more of to satisfy you than in the past?
4) Are there things that you consume that leave you ever more empty?
5) Is there a consequence I live with in my life or my family that is related to my consumption?
6) Is there a hobby or habit that I avoid talking about with my family?