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The Summit Church

Everyday Jesus: I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Everyday Jesus: I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Discussion Guide: Week 6

Locations & Times

The Summit Church - Kernersville

4440 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284, USA

Saturday 3:00 PM

Saturday 4:30 PM

Sunday 8:30 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

Sunday 11:30 AM

Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
Happy Easter! We are wrapping up our series called "Everyday Jesus" and focusing on one final I AM statement of Jesus; I Am the Resurrection and the Life.
Read John 11:25-27 (NIV). Jesus made this statement to Martha who was mourning the death of her brother, Lazarus. What stands out to you about Jesus' declaration of who He is when speaking to Martha?
Ultimately, Jesus does raise Lazarus from the dead after 4 days. Why do you think that Jesus waits this long?
Easter is not just about an event, it's about a person. In what ways does remembering this truth change how we live our lives?
Jesus directly asks Martha if she believes that He is in fact the Resurrection and the Life. Pastor Jonathan reminded us that we should be asking ourselves this very same question. With that in mind, do you believe that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life? If so, are you living like you believe this?
Read Romans 6:4 (NIV). Think about baptism. How does the act of coming up from the water parallel The Resurrection of Jesus?
Following Jesus is a journey of dying to sin and self and then allowing the power of Jesus to transform ("Resurrect") you. When we do this, it impacts every area of our lives and we discover more and more about who Jesus is each day. In what ways can you allow Jesus to help you refocus and renew your faith today?
Take time and pray over your next steps. Ask our Heavenly Father to guide your decisions as you reflect on not only the events of Easter but the person who made all things new- Jesus.

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