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DISCUSSION GUIDE - Who Caused Christ’s Crucifixion?
April 2, 2023
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Discussion Guide
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Conversation Starter
Define betrayal.
Pause for a few minutes to quiet your heart and mind. Then ask God for insight and direction as you study and reflect on this week’s lesson.

Bible Study and Group Discussion

Read Matthew 26:14-50; 27:27-31
1. Judas betrayed Jesus. What were his motives?
2. The word betray (or betrayer) is used six times in Matthew 26:14-50. Why is Judas’ betrayal such an important part of the Easter story?
3. After the Passover meal, Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn (many scholars believe this was part or all of Psalm 113-118). Based on the entire scene in the Upper Room, what do you think the disciples were experiencing?

Read Psalm 113-118 continued

Read Psalm 113-118 continued

Read Psalm 113-118 continued

Read Psalm 113-118 continued

Read Psalm 113-118 continued

Read Mark 15:9-11 and John 5:16-18; 11:47-53
4. Why were the Jewish leaders relentless in their desire to kill Jesus?
5. Do you know anyone who is severely opposed to Jesus? How can you respond to their hostility?
6. Why did Pilate have Jesus killed even though he found Him not guilty?
7. What emotions do you think Pilate wrestled with as he had Jesus flogged and turned over to be crucified?
8. Describe a time you made a decision based on fear or insecurity rather than on what was right. How do you feel about that now? How can you guard against that in the future?
Read Acts 4:27-28 and 1 Peter 3:18
Acts of the Apostles 4:27-28 NLT

9. Why is Jesus’ death necessary for salvation?
10. What questions, thoughts or emotions stir in you as you reflect on the crucifixion?
11. How has Jesus' sacrifice on the cross transformed you?
12. Who caused Christ’s crucifixion?
Spiritual Practice
A spiritual practice is something we can do to help us live in and enjoy God’s grace. We hope these will become a regular part of your life, so that walking and talking with God is the most natural thing you do.

Consider watching the movie The Passion of the Christ by yourself or with your group this week. Find a quiet space and read Mark 15:21-47. Reflect on Jesus’ death and His unfailing love for you.
Memory Verse
This is real love—not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. 1 John 4:10 (NLT)

Prepare for Next Sunday

Next Sunday, April 9, we’ll conclude the series, Examining Easter. To prepare, read John 20:1-29.
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