The Summit Church
Everyday Jesus: I AM the Light of the World
Discussion Guide: Week 4
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  • The Summit Church - Kernersville
    4440 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284, USA
    Thursday 6:30 PM, Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
  • The Summit Church- Oak Ridge
    1420 NC-68 North, Oak Ridge, NC 27310, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
  • The Summit Church
    Thursday 6:30 PM
Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
Ice Breaker: Do you know anyone that was afraid of the dark as a child? Chances are either you were or you know someone that was. Why do you think this is such a common fear for children?
The truth is, we live in a dark world. Things around us often cause us anxiety or fear. We are continuing our series titled "Everyday Jesus" and this week we explore another one of Jesus' I AM statements, "I am the Light of the World".

Read John 8:12. What is the "darkness" that this verse is referring to?
Pastor Andy illustrated the role that light plays in our lives. In what ways does Jesus play this same role in our lives?
- To push back darkness
- To give purpose to what is empty
- To show the way
- To provide prospective/hope to our fears
- To give life
Now read Matthew 5:14-16. In what ways have we been called to these same things that are listed in the points above? How does our walking in the Light of Jesus reflect that light to others?
We are going to mess up, it is just part of being human; but we can always turn back to the light! Take some time and go to our Heavenly Father in prayer.