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Setting the Stage: On Location
Location matters ... and not just in real estate. Today, we will engage in a brief, high-level look at the geography of the region of the Galilee, the place where Jesus did most of his ministry. Understanding the geography of the region will help us make more sense of Jesus’ actions and interactions by placing them in proper geographical context.
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    Sunday 11:00 AM

Setting The Stage Series

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People Groups Concentrated In Galilee:
- Herodians
- Pahrisees
- Zealots
People Groups Concentrated In Samaria:
- Samaritans
People Groups Concentrated In Judea:
- Essenes
People Groups Concentrated In The Decapolis:
- Gentiles

Detailed Look: Region of Galilee

The Religious Triangle was made up of four towns in the north of the region of Galilee: Gennesarat, Capernaum, Chorazin, Bethsaida. The Pharisees were a strong and dominant force here.

Tiberias was the capital city of the kingdom of Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great. Because this city was built by Herod Antipas, it was a stronghold of Herodian influence and worldview.

Gamla was a Zealot stronghold in the region of Galilee. It was the location of one of the final stands of the Zealots in their final days as a group.

Hippos was one of the northern-most cities of the Decapolis, the ten cities built by Alexander the Great to celebrate the greatness of Hellenism. This pagan city would never have been willingly visited by any Jewish person.