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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 51:1-8
What’s The Use?

1. There is no God, none but Me…only God knows the future.
2. What’s the use? I’ve heard it from teens in school, athletes, parents, husbands/wife
relationships, finances that are out of control. Have you said, ‘What’s the use?’
3. That is the way Israel felt with God. They had a right to feel that way. Isaiah was writing
about the Babylonian Captivity 120 years into the future with 70 years of bondage in
Babylon, 70 years of chastisement, 70 years away from home, the Temple. They had 70
years without God’s blessing. They felt hopeless. What’s the use! God has forsaken and
forgotten us. He doesn’t care!
4. Are you discouraged? Maybe you are saying, “What’s the use?”
5. Isaiah 51:1-8 is written to discouraged people. Three times he says, Hearken unto Me (1, 4,
7). You have listened to nearly every other voice, now listen to Me. Look (1, 2, 6)

Are you discouraged? “What’s the use?”
A. The Conditions 1a
Each listen has a condition. Righteousness is the key word (1,5,6,7,8) You that follow
righteousness…you that seek the Lord.
1.If I follow righteousness this is an indication that God has put a hunger for Himself in my heart. I am His!
2.Seek the Lord…not a religious experience, but Him!
B. The Challenge 1b-2
Look…Gaither’s have an older song: Roll back the curtain of memories now and then
show me where you brought me from and where I might have been.
1.Your Beginning The rock whence you are hewn…the hole of the pit from which
you are digged. Look at your humble beginnings…low and obscure. It is good for us to look at our humble beginnings. It magnifies God’s grace. If there is nothing good in us…God did it! Who are we to question and complain? (Rom 5:10)
2.Your Background See how God dealt with Abraham: God Directs It: I called
him…I blessed Him…I increased him God Does It: God is asking some depressed, disheartened Christian the way in which God dealt with Abraham He will deal with you and me. God brought Abraham to nothing…He was OLD, passed child bearing years…God Does It! The question is not what you can or cannot do…what are you willing for God to do??
C. The Conquest 3
Something happens to the Christian who lives by grace!!
1.Barren Note the words used: waste places…wilderness…desert. Does that
describe you?
2.Blessed Here is the promise to the one utterly discouraged: The Lord will comfort.
He will make the wilderness like Eden. The desert like the garden of the Lord. God must do it…you can’t! Stop living in your strength. Stop trying to be the FIXER.
3.Bliss Joy and gladness shall be found…thanksgiving and the voice of melody. That’s what happens when you realize that you can’t…HE CAN!

Are you discouraged? “What’s the use?”
A. His Possessions 4a
Note the number of times in vss. 4, 5 My, Me, Mine
1.We belong to Him. It’s His call not ours!
2.My people…My nation…Stop listening to everyone else, listen to Me!
B. His Principles 4b
1. God Has Spoken…a law (principle) shall proceed from Me.
2. God Does Right…I shall set My justice for alight of the peoples.
C. His Provision 5
My righteousness is near. He speaks of now and the future Millennium.
1.The Scope…peoples, coasts shall wait on Me. The Gospel is for everyone! Mine
arm shall they trust.
2.The Source My, Me, Mine There is something bigger than you and me! Get
involved in what God is doing!
D. His Permanence 6
Lift up your eyes and look…one day it will all be gone. The heavens and earth will
vanish away! (II Peter 3:10, 11)
1. Our Perspective 6a Are you discouraged? Are you saying, ‘What’s the use?’
You are focusing on the wrong things. You are focusing on temporary things. God
is weaning us away from that which doesn’t last. (I John 2:15-17).
Illustration of catching monkeys. For years those capturing the monkey would
injure them. Then put a piece of fruit in the bottom of a jar with a small opening.
The monkey would not let go of the fruit…CAUGHT! We have bought the lie!!
2. Our Passion 6b But…live in light of eternity. My salvation shall be forever.
My righteousness shall not be abolished. Are you discouraged? Invest in that
which will last for eternity…People (souls) and the Word of God!

Are you discouraged? “What’s the use?”
These know righteousness…the people in whose heart is My law.
A. A New Man 7a
1. New Power…the power of the Holy Spirit.
2. New Principle There is a Law within…That one lives a different life! They
have a new significance! They live in light of eternity!
B. A New Maliciousness 7b
Inevitably such men or women will clash with the ungodly…those who live without
1. Reproach
2. Revile…Fear Not…Do not be afraid…Stand your ground.
C. A New Motivation 8
1. These are temporal and temporary. Be careful…you are shaken by moth eaten
2. Spend your life on that which is eternal…something that will last: My
righteousness…My salvation. It is so easy to get sidetracked!

Are You Discouraged?

Live With Eternity In View

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