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Know your Circles: Part 1 - Do you know them?
What you know about who you know
Locations & Times
  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 7:00 AM
We tend to care more about what others (general public / perception) think than what our closest friends and family think and what God thinks.

Know our circles so that we can choose them wisely.
Relational Circles

Healthy relationships: mutually beneficial
Unhealthy relationships: mutually detrimental
Toxic relationships: beneficial to one at the expense of the other
Circle Numbers

Core: 3-5
Inner: 12-15
Outer: 120-150

There is a limit.
There is a difference.
Influence & Responsibility

Maximum INFLUENCE comes with maximum RESPONSIBILITY.

We have to BE RESPONSIBLE in the relationships where we have the most influence.
Choose Wisely

Who you allow to be close to you in your family, work, school, etc. IS your choice.
Circle Clarity

Don’t default to REACTION and ASSUMPTION.
Don’t ALLOW others to occupy space in our circles that they should not be in.

The clearer you can be on WHO is in WHAT circle, the healthier your relationships will be.
Changing circles

People will move in and out of your circles. It happens. It’s part of life. Let it happen.

You can’t PRETEND that someone is in a place they’re not. It’s not healthy.

I have a responsibility to my inner circle to ensure that their OBVIOUS place is their ACTUAL place!
Unchanging Core

The space that God occupies is like no other.

It is not outside of us and it cannot change.