Persevering When You Don't Think You're Good Enough | GRiT (Pt. 3) | David Hibiske
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📍 Reasons Why We Don't Feel Good Enough
1. Feel we're different from others.
4. Self-conscious about an attribute or ability.
5. What we're facing feels too big.
📍 Despite Your Past... God Still Wants You!
📍 Persevering When I Don't Feel Good Enough...
1. My ability to persevere STARTS with an ENCOUNTER with the Living God.
2. My ability to persevere means HOLDING to the CONFIRMATION of God.
🔸 God responds to Moses with..
→ A Promise (Exodus 3:11-12)
→ A Re-Direction (Exodus 4:10-12)
→ A Solution (Exodus 4:11-17)
3. My ability to persevere REQUIRES my DECISION to be faithful. (Even when it’s hard)
What do you sense God asking you to do with today's message?
🎶 Worship Songs 🎶
Take You At Your Word - by Cody Carnes
Awake My Soul - by Hillsong Worship
Worthy - by Elevation Worship

🎥 GRiT Part 3: Moses - Persevering When You Don't Think You're Good Enough 🎥

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